Lila Lowdown:
Week 3

7/12/2009 11:04:00 PM
My little Lila is 3 weeks old and is precious.

'Twas a big week in our house.

Lila became a Mexican citizen this week! (Thanks, Aunt T. for your help!) Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera. (I know.) However, Aunt T. had her cameraphone.

Next up! Lila's U.S. passport and her "American Born Abroad" U.S. birth certificate. We'll apply for them today... then wait to receive them THEN we can get back to the States and introduce ya'll to our little cupcake.

Here we are filling out the paperwork. (I was going on 2 hours of sleep that day. 'Twas a rough night before.)

And here's the thumb-stamping process:

Then later as we were waiting, Lila got a bit fussy and discovered... her thumb!

It was a big week for C., too. We introduced one bottle a day this week so that C. could bond with his baby girl. She did great! (As did C.) ) (Another cameraphone pic.)

And, because I think that babies with pacifiers are cute, here's a short-little video of Miss Lila and her soothie. (BEST pacifier around. Only one La-La-La-Lila will take.) And yes, that's the Golden Girls and the jingle of Ferg's collar you hear in the background. (I love that show. And I miss Bea Arthur.)

I strongly feel that there are some things that all new Moms/babies need. I shall share them with you now.

A sling. (That's not me. Or Lila. But I like that orange sling and that Mommy's hair.)
I have 2 hotslings and I love them. As a matter of fact, Lila's IN hers right now as I type this. Wanna see? (Cameraphone shot.) (Trophy Life - this was from you. THANK YOU!)

Buy them here. Or at Target. They're about $30. (There are more expensive ones, but I totally am down with this brand.) Why are they great? YOU CAN BE HANDS-FREE!

Next, the Miracle Blanket. Thank the Lord on High for this burrito-blanket. It's so fantastic. Babies, I have learned, love to be swaddled because it mimics the 'ole womb. There are other "swaddle blankets" out there, but this one swaddles them TIGHT. It's awesome.

They're available at Babies R US or on the Miracle Blanket website here. Yeah, they're $30 - but YES, they are SO WORTH IT. Don't doubt it for a second.

Ok, done with my advice for now. :) You know, since I have so much experience. :)

Ok, on to this week's pics.

On our way to the passport photo place.
We should have known she wasn't going to open her eyes
Sill a super cute hat, no?

You can't go wrong with wedging your baby in a boppy.

Um. Now those are some cute tootsies.

Super laid back on Grandma Shirley's lap.

Her eyes are seldom open.
Which is ironic, because mine are seldom closed.

And here they are - MILDLY open.

More open!

And the weather finally cooled a bit (to the 80's by 8 p.m.) so Lila, Ferg, C. and I went on Lila's first walk.

She loved it.

And finally, how cute is this?

Ok, more next week!

P.S. I'm feeling much better. I'm doing well. Yeah, I'm sleep-deprived but it doesn't matter too much each time I look at that face. I mean, come on. She's a cupcake.

And, my Mom did leave. (She stayed a few days longer because I emotionally required it.) And, I managed to hold myself together when she left. All I can say is that her help was INvaluable. Love that Shirl.

Lila's other grandma arrived yesterday and Lila immediately loved her. :) And, I think it was nice for C.'s mom to see so much of her son in her granddaughter.

(We're all in agreement - she looks absolutely nothing like me.)

Later skaters,



  1. That post was so wonderful- every bit of it! I am completely in love with Lila and her mom and dad (and "sister") It is incredible- the whole entire thing of becoming someone's mom and learning every bit as we go, While extremely challenging I quite love it and each day is new in some aspect or another! You are doing it!!!!

  2. she's just a doll. I can't wait to meet her!

  3. she's adorable!

    you will eventually get more sleep. promise. :)

    and yes, Soothies are THE BEST pacifiers/binkies/mimis out there. :)

  4. I love the picture of her in her stroller on the walk. I think she's starting to look more "baby" rather than newborn :)

  5. p.s. I want you guys to sleep at my ouse when you come :)

  6. that's funny, because I just bought some soothies at the grocery yesterday!

    looking good down there! and I had totally forgotten about all the paperwork stuff you have to do with the Mexican/American citizenship thing, what a pain.

  7. I love her, she is absolutely adorable! That bottom picture is SO cute. I am glad Lila is getting all her paperwork in order so she can come see us (that is probably why she is so tired) :)

    P.S. Speaking of Golden Girls - I want to be Betty White's friend. LOVE her.

  8. Thank you so much for this post!! Just enjoyed reading all about your discoveries of becoming a new Mom! It is so exciting isn't it??!!
    Well sho looks adorable and you guys look so happy.
    Hope to see more and to hear from you soon!!

    Love ya

  9. Muffin. WHAT A TINY MUFFIN YOUR DAUGHTER IS! :) I'm dying over that last picture. Wish I was there so I could just smooch those cheeks. So glad to hear you're feeling better, too! Love you. :)

  10. cute. i'm glad that the first round of Grandma visiting went well and round two is going just as well! how fun.
    thank goodness you have slings and swaddling things and boppy, etc. i enjoy the product updates!
    she's just cute. i want to squeeze her.
    p.s. - baby pug Marlie is doing better - getting back to normal.


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