Lila Lowdown:
Two Weeks of Parenthood down and we're already pros. HA!...

7/05/2009 11:13:00 PM
Q. So, how's it going?

Q. Are you sleeping?
A. No. However who needs sleep, I ask you?

Q. Does anything prepare you for the lack of sleep?
A. No. NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. :)

Q. Do you feel like a parent?
A. That would be another, "No." I feel like Lila's just here visiting.

Q. What's your favorite thing so far?

A. I absolutely ADORE her smiles, when she stares at me and when she wrinkles her forehead. I also love when she sleeps. Soundly. For more than 3 hours.

Q. How is Lila doing?
A. Really well! She's gained half a pound and is up to a whopping 7 lbs. :) She's wearing less preemie clothes and more "newborn". She's become a lot more vocal this past week - grunting and coo'ing. (Which we love.) And, she's adamant about holding her head up. She will do it very soon. :) She's eating just about every 2-3 hours and sometimes allows for us to sleep approximately 4 hours at night. Ah, gone are the days of sleeping in, that's for sure.

She really is so sweet. She cries to let us know she's hungry, needs changing or wants to be held. We're starting to learn what those various cries mean. (Let me tell you - she may not look like me but she can yell like me. She has quite a set of lungs.) Otherwise, she's content to look around, swing in her swing or hang out like a burrito in her boppy.

If you ask me - that's the life.

Q. Are you sharpening any new skills since the birth of La-La-La-Lila?
A. Indeed. I am getting much better at typing one-handed on the 'ole blackberry. So, if you get very short emails from me - that's because they're from my blackberry and I'm more than likely nursing my baby. (That visual is my gift to you.)

Q. Have you flipped out about anything yet?
A. The other day I thought she was too hot so I believe I took her temperature 4 times. That's not a flip out, right?

Q. Have you had an emotional breakdown yet?
A. Yep. When her gross little belly/umbilical cord stump fell off I instantly* cried. I don't want her to grow up.

*(Seriously, I INSTANTLY cried. It was crazy.)

In all seriousness though, post-baby emotions are somewhat wacky. I've had one day where everything made me cry. Everything. I tried to hold it together until I went to bed (had guests and all) - and then just wept.

I've also had several consecutive nights of getting ready for bed and just crying. Why? I'm not sure. I think it just comes with the territory. I think it's important for new mommies and friends of new mommies just to expect this kind of thing.

Besides, I haven't had more than 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep in 14 days.

Q. How am I feeling...physically?
A. Honestly? Pretty great. The only thing that kind of bothers me is the c-section incision. It's just semi-uncomfortable. (However, I'd like to give my Dr. props. The scar is perfectly placed and is barely visible and I'll still be able to wear my two-piece swim suit. Oh, and did I mention that my Dr. "tightened my abs" when he sewed me back up? I HEART MEXICO.)

That reminds me of the movie Knocked Up when E! tells Katherine Heigel's character that after the baby she doesn't need to "lose weight" she just needs to "tighten up." You know, "make it look like you didn't have a baby."

For those of you who are pregnant and are concerned about the weight gain - take heart. I'm definitely a believer in the breastfeeding/losing weight theory. I've currently lost 20 of my 30 lbs. Yep. INSANE. That would be with absolutely NO working out. I'm thinking the last 10 lbs. might not be so easy... but still. I'll take being 2/3 of the way there. Nor have I tried on ANY of my jeans yet... I've decided I'll do that come September. :)

Q. How do you feel about falling off the map?
A. Remember that one girl from high school or college who got a new boyfriend and totally stopped hanging out with you? Like, never even called or anything? Then just reappeared like 4 months later expecting to be let back into the circle like nothing ever happened?

I sort of feel like that girl.

Be patient with me. This is a whole new territory.

Q. How's Ferg doing?
A. She started playing again last week - so both C. and I thought that was a good sign. And, every morning she floods Lila with "kisses" as we say, "Good morning!". It's pretty cute. Lila loves it. Sort of.

Q. How's C. doing?
A. I think he's doing so, so, so well. He had never even touched a newborn until Lila was born. I swear, he seems like a natural.* I love catching him starring at his daughter. Gets me every time...

*This is semi-annoying because C. literally is a natural in so many areas of his life. I would be willing to wager he could take up cricket or become an airline pilot tomorrow and more than likely be a pro by the end of the week.

Ok - enough of the babble. Here's what you've been waiting for: the pictures.

Oh, just relaxing on my changing pad.

Love that face.

Love this one even more.

So very happy sleepy against my Daddy.

She pretty much loves the Baby Bjorn.
(And it has a very handy reflective strip. You know, for when Craig and Lila go "yogging"... or is it, "jogging"?

She sleeps a lot.

Here she is in her swing.
Her hands are always by her face. Precisely the way they were in nearly EVER ultrasound picture.

Here she is at one week old - almost to the minute.

That's how much she loves us already.

This would be our favorite hat.

And, last but not least - my Mom has been an *amazing* help this week.
She leaves Tuesday.
Looks like I already know what I'll be crying about Tuesday night.

Yay hormones. :)

Ok, that's it for now. 'Till next week!



  1. She is just a dollface. She's perfect. Adorable. Beautiful.

    I bet your mom's gonna cry too. How could you leave that?

  2. she is perfect!

    thanks for sharing!!

    your doctor tightened your abs? man, i wish i would have had my c-sections in mexico! haha. that's great. [oh and the incision will be uncomfortable for a few more weeks. and don't try on any jeans for a while. :) ]

    again....lila is just adorable! so happy for you guys!

  3. What a sweetheart!

  4. The picture of Shirl and Lila is so sweet. Frame that one.

  5. I LOVE the picture of her little tongue poking out :)

    The one of her and your mom? Just too much. Yay Shirl!

    You will be MORE than accepted back into the clique in ANY amount of time.

  6. Thank you for the update:)

    Life is so amazing...

    Keep 'em coming when you can!

  7. My in-laws came the day after I had my first. In a tiny apartment. I would sit out on the steps and bawl, wanting my own mom. Then I bawled when she left.

    I hear ya.

  8. She is so precious, what a DOLL! I love the picture of her sleeping with her hand by her face!

    I am sure the sleep thing and the hormones will get easier and also you are totally NOT that girl that leaves her friends for her boyfriend, at least we don't think that at ALL. Enjoy this time with your little girl and hubby!!

  9. she's so cute! sounds like you guys are hanging in there great so far. and i changed my mind about a natural birth, i want a mexican c-section instead! ;)

  10. Well for being fairly busy with your little pumpkin, you've been pumping out some fabulous threads! I love hearing your updates and how everyone is adjusting!

    I'm curious to know more about the "tightening of the abs" comment! What did he do differently than a normal procedure?

  11. K, I LOVE the update. And I'm so jealous of the "tightening" your doc did. Is he going to be in Va anytime soon? :)

    I adore the picture of Lila with your mom. It is too precious for words.

    All our love to you, friend, no matter how long you need to stay off the radar.

  12. I absolutely love the picture of her curled up next to C. She is so precious.

    PS, loving the updates!

  13. I know it's been said, but that pic of your mom and la-la-Lila is absolutely to be treasured forever. I'm so glad that you're all doing so well, and we miss you so so much

  14. LOVE the new pics - especially the one of Lila and Shirl. the tongue sticking out is great. you'll have to share more details of this ab-tightening! gotta LOVE MX; MX owes you an ab-tightening for all of the frustrations she causes you.

  15. She is such a peanut. And all of your snippets of her shared with us are just.. perfect. Welcome, Lila girl. Love you!

  16. Thanks for sharing, you guys are so sweet. SO CUTE! Yah, when Gooner's stump fell off I couldn't find it... then I found it stuck to my shirt. It is a sad day though.


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