Lila Lowdown:
Lila's 4 weeks - what?!
A MONTH old already?!

7/19/2009 11:05:00 PM
You guys, Lila's a month old. Oh.My.Gosh. WHERE does the time go? It's been 4 weeks and 1 day since I have given birth.

And, I'll tell you what - I haven't forgotten how badly it hurt.

(When people say you just "forget about the pain the minute you see the baby" - they're lying. I have yet to forget the pain. I'm just sayin'.)

Holy cow.

We're doing it. We're parents.
Q. What's Lila up to this week?

A. Holding her very heavy head up and being awake a bit more during the day. :) She's also out golfing right now. She called and said that she'd be home around 8 p.m. - after she goes out for brewskis with the girls.

(She's very social.)

She's also awake a lot more. I'm not sure how to entertain her, so we've been singing our ABC's and reading Charlie and Lola books, along with some Sandra Boynton books. (LOVE them.)

Q. How much does Lila weigh?
A. Well, judging from my very scientific and accurate weighing process, she's 8 lbs. (I weigh myself, then I weigh myself holding The Cupcake. Then I subtract.)

Altogether, she's gained 1.5 lbs.

I think that's success.

Note: Ferg also weighs 8 lbs. Both of my girls weigh 8 lbs. Aw.

Q. Any current fears?
A. Yes. May the record state that I'm terrified of colic. We had a little spell this past week whereby C.'s daughter proceeded to cry for essentially 3 hours straight. A terrible, heart-wrenching, "help-me-I'm-in-pain-someone-do-something-for-me-quick" kind of cry. All I kept thinking was, "Oh no. This is it. This is the beginning of the end."


I'm not melodramatic.

Q. Did I just let her "cry it out"?
A. No. And if one more person tells me to let me then three-week-old (now month-old) sweetie pie cry it out, I'm going to slap them. Also, I'm tired of hearing, "Babies cry... just let them cry." Because you know what? This new mommy cannot HANDLE hearing her baby just cry.

And yes, I will more than likely ALWAYS pick her up when she cries. (Not whimpers, cries. I understand the difference.) And yes, I will continue to do this until she's at least 35.

Q. Any challenges just yet?
A. Yes. The heat. At this point our little Mexican citizen is apparently on strike against her native climate. She's developed what we think (???) is a heat rash on her cute little face, arms and legs. We're combating this by keeping her as cool as possible and keeping her indoors. And putting her in the freezer when she looks warm.

It appears that babies don't like going out in the 89-105 degree heat.

Imagine that. :)

Q. How am I feeling?
A. GREAT. I'm starting to feel more like myself. I went to work this week for a meeting and it was the first day that I actually really did my hair. It felt good.

However, the humidity quickly squashed my good hair day.

Eh, you win some, you lose some.

Q. Did you get the passport done this week?
A. We turned in the application for the passport AND the birth certificate - it's a crap shoot (at best) when we'll actually receive them. Anywhere from 10-days to 8 weeks. (Indeed. You read that correctly.) Can you imagine if your local cable company gave you that kind of window of service? Unacceptable. However, you can expect that from the U.S. government.

Q. What's your favorite thing about motherhood thus far?
A. When Lila's fussy and I pick her up and she immediately calms down. Her whole little body just relaxes. Love that.

Q. What's your least favorite things bout motherhood thus far?
A. Crying. Both mine and Lila's. (Mine seems to be decreasing; hers seems to be increasing.)


So I feel the need to continue to tell you about products I've fallen in love with. Here's another one.

The Itzbeen timer.

Gimicky? No. Clever and incredibly useful? YES.

We've LIVED by this timer for the past month. It's about four inches tall and is so easy to use. Basically, it's got four buttons (feeding, diaper changing, sleeping and other.) You press the button after you've fed her and later when you wonder how long it's been, or "itzbeen", since she ate - you just look at the timer.

No thinking. Nothing.

It also has a handy-dandy light that works wonders in the dark.

I honestly LOVE this thing.
It's available everywhere: Amazon, Target, Babies R US. Price: About $25.

Ok, on to the photos.

This is Lila in her bath towel (from Uncle Brad.)
She's sucking on her pacifier and has her arm resting on her pacifier holder.

Mouth open? Check.
At least one hand by her face? Check.
Now she can sleep.

Come on. She's so cute.
Those are perfect lips.

Sorry, another one...
(It's my blog and I think she's precious.)

Look at her teeny fingers.
(I know, I need to cut her fingernails. It ain't easy.)

SOOO happy on her Grandma Jenna's lap.

A close up.

Um, see. Little Lila's not always happy.
(Perhaps it's because her hair looks like that.)

Sitting with Grandma Jenna. Aw.

Ok, Lila has a Dr.'s appointment tomorrow. Will let you know how it goes...



  1. She already looks bigger! She's so darn cute I can hardly stand it! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, and so glad your crying is decreasing.

    (that itzbeen thing looks pretty cool!)

  2. Who would tell you to " just let a month old baby cry" ??? I can see a 6 month old who is trying not to go to sleep, or a older one throwing a fit. But an itty bitty baby?? Nope, even me a mother of soon to be three would pick that baby right up. I am a firm believer in the fact you cannot spoil a little baby. I held Evan and Grace ALL the time.... they turned out all right.... ( I think) he he.
    Any who I am glad that you guys are getting to discover all things that come along with be parents!!
    And I LOVE the idea of itzbeen! I may consider buying it !!!!

  3. oh how i wish they'd had the 'itzbeen' after olivia (my first) was born. i actually kept a notebook for the first few weeks just so i knew when she'd had a bottle. ah, technology!

    so happy to hear your crying is on the decrease.

    i'm with you -- i never just "let the baby cry"...i couldn't do it. not even when olivia had colic.

    as always...LOVE these lila updates! ;)

  4. oh how adorable! Thanks for sharing these great pics! And yes, do slap anyone that tells you not to pick up a crying baby....I have 3 boys AND I rocked them everynight to sleep for the first 6-8 months and I have the most loving, cuddly children...It's the only time you'll have it- Enjoy it and do what's right for you!

    One of my twinboys had colic for 3 weeks- but I was able to change formula to soy and made a huge difference w/in 24hrs. (Just FYI...)

  5. I just think she is a sweetheart! I can't wait to meet her! I would never let my 4 week old cry it out either...I'm with you! You can't give that baby enough love!

    Abbey is starting to feed herself her bottle and is trying so hard to walk (literally she practices over and over and over) and I'm a little freaked out about it...I am seriously not ready for this!

  6. i agree w/ anonymous...when i changed olivia's formula to soy formula the colic was gone...just like that. it really worked! ;)

  7. So sweet those pics! Hey- I LOVE how you refer to Lila as "C.'s daughter" when she had proceeded to cry for the 3 hours in which you were thinking this was "the beginning of the end". Its funny but I still have that same sinking, gut wrenching "OH NO" feeling over other things with these kids and when you described Lila's incident, It took me back- immediately :) James Taylor over and over and over!!!

    PLEASE post as many pics of that sweet girl as you want- I am pretty positive that everyone checking your blog is wanting more!! :)

  8. Ooh, good to know about those timers. I soooo needed that in my sleep deprived "when the heck did I feed them last?" stage!

    Not to worry.... she probably does not have colic. At this age, they "wake up" and scream and scream for reasons unbeknownst to adults.... ugh.

  9. No way! A month?

    Love the product suggestions/recommendations. I'm writing them down.

  10. Anna says, "I want a Lila Monday!" Like we have "Ferg Friday" :)

  11. Thanks for the Lila update. I love the pics especially the close ups.

  12. I can't believe it has been a month!! She is just too flipp'n cute. And to help with heat, I would just strap on some ice packs...I think that should be safe ;) P.S. I am happy you are starting to feel more like yourself!


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