Lila Lowdown:
Cinco Semanas! (5 weeks!)

7/26/2009 11:05:00 PM
'Twas an eventful week. (Insofar that a week with a newborn is wild and crazy.)

Q. How is Lila?
A. Um, super. She's perking up! Lila's awake more during the day and her eyes are tracking and she's becoming a bit more familiar with Craig and I.

And, I do believe we got some intentional smiles this week. And I'll tell you - they're so cute.

And, La-La-La-Lila loves baths. (Sorry for the semi-blurry photo.)

Q. How did the Dr.'s appointment go?
A. Really well! Lila has gained TWO lbs in her first month of life. (Awesome). She also has a very common umbilical hernia. (It should go away by the time she's 1.) Our pediatrician also told us that, "because Lila is white...we need to keep her out of the sun during prime hours."

I loved that: "..because Lila is white." Hee hee.

Here's her pediatrician appointment outfit. Please note the bow:

And, here's Lila with her Daddy at the appointment:

And here she is asleep afterward because the appointment clearly took a lot out of her:

Q. How am I?
A. Doing well, doing well. I'll be honest, taking Lila anywhere by myself is a bit daunting at first. What if I'm driving and she start SCREAMING and throws up on herself or something and then proceeds to nearly suffocate? (See my stream of worries?) What if I'm at the store and she has an accident and is so loud? What do I do with my cart full of stuff? Ahhh!


There's worries.

However, we got out this week by ourselves. We went to Cabo's version of Target: WalMart. (Hey - we don't have much in the way of air-conditioned shopping here. Don't judge.) Lila did very well. She started screaming just as we were leaving (perfect timing!) and promptly quieted down after we started driving.


This is the outfit Lila wore for our big day out. 'Twas her first day of wearing shoes.

Q. How's the heat rash on the little one?
A. Better! Still, we're keeping our Mexican Jumping Bean indoors and in the a/c. It's just tooooo hot.

Additional random thoughts:
  • We're sleeping more. Which is good.
  • I need a tan.
  • C. and I went on a *date* this past week sans our daughter. :) It was great and much needed. And, our Lila talk was quite limited. It was old times. Nice.
Ok - and next I'm sharing my favorite baby products.

This week, the "Summer Infant video monitor."

Oh, I adore this thing. C. wanted a video monitor and I thought at first, "Really? Is this necessary?" I'd like to say: YES. (At least it is for us.) I love the peace of mind I get from SEEING little Lila's belly rise and fall when she breathes. The monitor is in color during the day and it has night stealthy night-vision.

It's available at Amazon, Target & Babies R Us. It's on sale from about $200 down to about $150 right now.


Ok, recommended product number dos: a lava lamp. Yep. A lava lamp.

Originally my sister told me that I was going to want a lava lamp because she claimed it gave off the perfect amount of light for the baby's room in the middle of the night.

Uh - she was right.

It's the PERFECT amount of warm glow and Lila loves staring at it. It puts her to sleep. LOVE it.

Ok, here are the photos of the week.

Yawning. Um, cute.

Look! Her eyes are open. (They're still dark, slate blue-ish.)
Please note the cute bow. Again.

Lila loves her Daddy.

And occasionally finds her thumb.

So I've got this new trick. When I try to put Lila to sleep, I put a burp cloth over her eyes (like a BIRD) and she falls asleep almost immediately.
I find this ironic, given what I feel about birds...

This cracked me up. Lila was napping in her crib.

A close up.
Happy sleeping.

And later, this pose cracked me up.

Next, here is Lila sleeping in her Moses Basket from her Tia.

And of course, a close-up.

I feel these socks are cute.

We love the faces Lila makes when she's sitting up.

And finally, here's Lila after her Daddy combed her hair a la Trump-style.
I love a 5-week-old with a comb-over.
Clearly she does, too.

Have a great week everyone!



  1. That entire blog was extremely healing for me! Than you so much! I love the outings and the comb over- her awake faces are simply perfect!

  2. OMG! I loved the shoe picture. She is a freakin pea-NUT!

  3. I've said it a million times but she is just precious. Wow, she does look like her daddy, can't mistake those eyes (don't feel bad Kylee, Abbey looks just like Dave!).

    I might steal that lava lamp idea for Evan, great idea!


  4. oh man. Cute as all get out.

    LOVE the lava lamp idea! Video monitors ARE a must. Worth every penny.

  5. love the lava lamp! wish i would have thought of that!!! what a great (and groovy) idea. yeah, i just said groovy.

    and i had to leave a cart full of stuff before due to an "explosion" in a diaper. ;) it happens. ;)

    lila is so adorable! so happy for you...

  6. Lila already has great taste in clothes and I am totally jealous of her little pink converse :)

    Her expressions crack me up! And why are pics with little babies sucking their thumbs, so darn cute?!?! Seriously.

    That lava-lamp IS a great idea. Good thing (when that time comes) we already have about 3 in our house and a hanging disco ball. Though the disco ball might not be as soothing.

  7. Love the smiley sleepy pics. She must have been having good dreams.

    And I love the pink baby converse.

    Ugh, too fun.

  8. She's growing so much and she's so stinking cute! I love the idea of the night light even though it's a little 80/90's style...

    Keep the posts coming, super mom!

  9. What a wonderful, informative, entertaining, colorful entry! LOVED the photos -- particularly the smiling ones, and the ones with the shoes ("Um...hello? WHAT ARE THESE THINGS ON MY FEET AND WHEN ARE THEY COMING OFF?"). Combover or no combover, what a muffin! And, totally with you on the bird hate, but your nap method CRACKED me UP. So cute.

  10. I love the idea of the lava lamp and the video monitor. Great!!!

  11. Thanks everyone!
    I'd also like to note that last night Lila slept from 12:00 a.m. until 5:30 a.m. (5.5 hours!) then 6:00 a.m. until 9:45 a.m.) (3 hours and 45 mins!) --- YESSSSSS!!!!!.

    C. and I actually WOKE up and started a conversation in the middle of the night because we are so used to getting up.

  12. soooo cute - these pics and what a good update.
    question for you - i feel that sometimes she resembles you as a baby, no? i mean, i haven't seen pics, but does she look like you at all in the pic of her with her shoes on? just wondering.
    i mean, don't get me wrong, i think it's GREAT that she looks like C, duh.
    just wondering.
    p.s. - so happy for the lengthy sleep she let you have.

  13. Aww, so sweet! I love your updates, they make me smile. She's so darn cute. That's awesome that she slept for 5.5 hours! How great!

  14. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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