The Laws of Eyeliner

7/14/2009 08:51:00 PM
Carmindy (the makeup artist on What not to Wear) says that you should never put eyeliner on your bottom lids.


I have no idea.

So, I'm asking you. Do you put eyeliner on your bottom eyelids? Why or why not? Anyone know why Carmindy is so adamantly against it?

Do I put eyeliner on my lower lid?

I'll be honest, I do. Well, at least I did. Who knows what I'll do in the future.


*I feel that Carmindy has a heavy hand when it comes to the frosty-looking lip gloss she puts on nearly ever female contestant on What not to Wear. Blech.

She has GREAT hair, though.


  1. I do wear my eyeliner on the bottom lid...with a heavy hand at that. Then again, consider the middle eastern source. Anywho, if I had to choose a side, it would be the top. (That's what she said.) Ok, seriously though, I do believe wearing it on both makes the eyes appear larger.

  2. she is about the ONLY person I can stand on that show! when I wear eyeliner - which isn't often... I avoid the bottom.

  3. sometimes i do, sometimes i don't. depends on my mood. :)

  4. When I wear make-up, I do wear liner on my bottom lid. Don't know why, that's just what I've always done. I continue because the chick who did my 'makeover' at Sephora also put it on my lower lid.

    Where's "Athena Bee's" on this one?

  5. I think Carmindy is the most annoying thing about that show. Everyone's make-up always looks the same, and I'm with you on the frosty lipgloss - blech. (her hair is pretty great though)

    I almost always put liner on the bottom. Normally I use dark shadow and an angled brush instead of an actual liner, but same thing. I agree with Farah, it makes my eyes look bigger.

    Sorry, but this is just like telling people that no one should every wear red lipstick - it looks good on some people, not so good on others.

  6. I think liquid eyeliner on the bottom is a no good but pencil eye liner gives a sexy look for night time.

  7. So what does she suggest we use in place of eyeliner? Most makeup artists will suggest eyeliner to open up the eyes, and make them appear bigger.

  8. I never wear eyeliner on the bottom. It looks bad on me.

    If I need more dramatic eyes, I will add more to the sides (catlike).

  9. I use Bare Minerals and the instructional DVD says to put liner on half of your bottom eye lid. From the outside to the middle of your lid for a subtle look. And it's important to get the liner as close to your lid crease as possible so it looks natural.

  10. This girl be crazy!! None at all?

    It depends on my mood or the time of day as to if I use eyeliner on the bottom lid or not. At night or if I am wearing darker makeup on my eyes I tend to put something on the bottom lid (like Sarah I use a dark shadow instead of liquid liner or a pencil). Sometimes if it is during the day I just wear a light eye shadow and mascara.

    But I have to say I think it can look really good on some people, so what is the deal?!

    (Nadja, tell us she isn't right!!)

  11. I'm not an eyeliner-on-the-bottom kind of girl. Not a fan of the all around the eyeball eyeliner look, so I try to avoid that. If I do do the bottom, it's light an only half... and always paired with "hussy lashes". :)

  12. I've also heard the "outer half of the bottom, if at all" rule. I just think I look weird with ONLY the top done, but I also think I look weird with the WHOLE bottom done. But I think it's a personal thing like Sarah said -- surely the shape of your eyes, etc. has something to do with it? Maybe this Carmindy chick should take individual characteristics into account and not try to hitch her "five pounds of lip gloss" caboose to every else's train, is what I'm saying. :) But then I also can't be bothered with mascara these days, so who am I to judge?

  13. I am a Half of the bottom kind of girl myself. It opens up my eyes and I look weird without it. NEVER all the way on the bottom, then I just look like a street walker :)

    It's all about what looks best on YOU--everyone is different. I personally would never wear that frosted crap on my lips and she piles it on eveyone--I'd look like a damn birthday cake.

  14. For me personally doing the bottom lid at all just looks... weird. So I never bother. But some people can pull it off.

  15. I don't use it on the bottom. I feel about 75% of the people who do look like hookers. The other 25% can pull it off and I probably don't notice they line the bottom of their eyes.

    I prefer lining my bottom eyelid w/ shadow. Same effect w/ less of the "holy cow on the eyeliner" comments. :)

    I would have to side with Carmindy on this.

  16. i go for the 1/2 liner on the bottom look. i don't do it dark though so i think it looks fine.


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