it's really this simple.

7/23/2009 11:05:00 PM
I'm blessed.
I'm surrounded by a ridiculous amount of quality individuals who regularly check in on me to make sure I'm doing well and not diving full-force into postpartum depression.

A regular comment I hear from each loving and concerned amigo/amiga:
"I cannot believe you just had a baby and you're still blogging."
Friends, countrywomen and cat-lovers (I normally don't include the cat lovers for obvious reasons. Wrestling Kitties - this generalization excludes you. You're not a crazy cat lady. Those crazy cat ladies know who they are.)

Anyway - as I was saying... blogging is my outlet.

It's my journaling.
It's my zoloft.
It's my bowl of ice cream.
It is my glass of wine.
It's my thang.

If you prick me, do I not bleed?
If you take away my computer and internet connection, will I not lose it?


So if the posts keep coming - friends all is well.

If they stop for a significant period of time and I have not prefaced the hiatus with some sort of note about travel - start worrying.



  1. I do not think that any of those whom check on you would let any period of time pass of you not blogging without an explanation on your part! I believe, you would be hounded and "hunted" down til one of us found you "ok". :)

    As therapuetic and necessary as your blog is for you- I know I receive much of the same in return by reading and sharing on your blog. So keep it coming when you can- if you should ever "fall down", rest assured many will rush to your side!

    Love you- Mick

  2. Keep 'em coming! You are a rock star and I'm envious!

  3. my favorite lines...

    "it's my zoloft."
    "it's my bowl of ice cream."

    LOVE it! LOVE your blog.


  4. HA, thank you! Yes, I may be crazy at times and I am a lady who loves cats; but never the twain shall meet and make me THAT person. If so I fully expect an intervention from my friends :)

    Good for you, I am glad you are able to maintain having your blog for YOU time and that you have this outlet that you enjoy so much (and are awesome at!). Of course not only to keep us entertained and able to feel not so far away from you but if it is something that you love and makes you feel better, well that is invaluable.

    We love your blog and we love YOU and I for one am glad you are still finding time to blog with your precious new addition around! Besides, Lila needs to learn blogging at an early age, I fully expect her to have one in the future ;)

  5. I can't wait to see a picture of Lila with her computer sitting next to you with yours...that will be cute!

  6. Your blog is MY glass of wine :)

  7. Iris - great comment!

    So glad that you enjoy writing this blog as much as we all enjoy reading it. We can always count on you to have a fabulous post ready to read. You gotta love that - I do.

    (WK had 3 cats at one time. We need to keep tabs on her. It's a slippery slope.)

  8. I just absolutely adore you :-)

  9. I like that fellow bloggers feel like my good friends. :) I'm happy that you've still been blogging. Woo-hoo!


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