It never fails.

7/21/2009 11:05:00 PM
EVERY TIME someone sings on TV, I cringe.
Music videos are fine.

But if someone just breaks out in song - I'm always embarrassed for them and have to look away from the TV.

(Unless of course it's Lionel.)


  1. Yes. 100% yes. Singing to another person is embarrassing.

  2. And being the one-person audience to a serenade is even worse, especially if it's REALLY sincere and earnest. Where do you look? What do you say afterward? "Umm...thank you?" "You did NOT look like a huge weenie while you were singing that Carpenters song to me in the middle of Applebees"?

  3. oh, agree. It can be SO embarrassing when they sing. I have to cover my face and just ask why?!?

  4. It's weird, isn't it? I can totally watch surgeries, births, deaths, and sex on TV, but singing? I'm with you on that one.


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