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7/22/2009 06:38:00 PM

This could be old news, but I don't seem to be on top of the "cool" news these days...

As it turns out there's going to be a Project Runway: All-Star Challenge preceding the first episode of the new season of Project Runway. Set your DVR for August 20th.


Who's coming back?
  • Santino Rice (season two)
  • Sweet P (season four)
  • Mychael Knight (season three)
  • Korto Momolu (season five runner-up)
  • Chris March (season four)
  • Uli Herzner (season three runner-up)
  • Jeffrey Sebelia (season three winner)
  • Daniel Vosovic (season two runner-up)
SUH-weet. I'm pumped about this. And Heidi, The Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia and the most tan-fastic designer in Hollywood (Michael Kors) will be judges. YES!

Details here.

This makes me happy. Seriously: this made my day. When your husband's daughter refuses to nap for more than 8 minutes because she has gastrointestinal issues - this is JUST the pick-me-up necessary. Note: C's daughter is sleeping now.


  1. No. Frickin. Way!

    That fills me with so much happiness! I cannot wait to watch this episode!

  2. Referring to Lila as C's daughter when she's misbehaving just cracks me up.

  3. Hey while she is sleeping - take the credit!!!! She should be your daughter, not C's :) Just saying... About project runway- you have MADE my day with that info, I was unaware and I really needed that pick me up- you are not out of the loop by the way!

  4. I don't want to say they stole this idea from me, but they kinda did. I mentioned a long time ago how cool it would be to have the winners of all the seasons compete against each other. They changed it up a bit to save their hides.

    In any event, this is super exciting! I.CANNOT.wait.

  5. This is AWESOME!!! Totally excited about this

  6. oh yay! This made my day as well.

    Regarding C's daughter: I'd say "It gets better".... but at the moment, that just doesn't even matter, does it?! Ahhhhhh!!!!! Thinking of you.....


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