Ferg Friday

7/16/2009 11:05:00 PM
My Ferginator is a sweetheart.
She's come to terms with Lila's presence. In fact, she's decided to embrace it.
She loves her baby sister.
She watches her.
And kisses her.

Watching her sister.
(Seriously, she's watching her.)

Finally, she just decides to sleep next to her.

That Ferg is such a sweetie.


  1. That has to be some of the most adorable pictures I've seen! I'm glad that the Ferg is accepting the permanent resident!

  2. Wow, so adorable. I don't think it took her that long to come around to Lila!

  3. ok- that is just the sweetest pics yet! The last one is definately Ferg's best pic ever!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I agree best pictures yet!!! How darn cute!!!!

  5. These are adorable! Ferg is such a great big sister.

  6. ohmygoodness. these pictures are so cute. i LOVE that dog. i haven't yet met Lila, but i'm sure i'd love her too. ; ) i have to look at them again.

  7. I love the one of them sleeping together. Must be our theme for this week :)

  8. Those are the best pictures EVER!!
    (My code was "dedism." As maybe, the state of being dead?!)

  9. Oh my goodness, these are the cutest pictures ever!

    I love the one with her head slightly tilted...like she is thinking "you made a noise, are you ok...need anything, oh ok still sleeping...phew!" And the one where they are sleeping, ugh it is seriously too sweet.

    What a wonderful big sis!

  10. Lila is just that perfect shade of baby pink! Too cute!

  11. I have had to stop back by the blog several times today just to see the cuteness going on at your house!!

    Lila looks like a precious doll and Ferg is just awesome!

  12. OK, seriously -- could you have any cuter babies?? LOVE that Ferg has fallen in love with her baby sister so quickly. LOVE that Lila will grow up loving furry four-leggers. Such a family of muffins, you.

    (My code was "orses," as though I'm saying "horses" but with a Cockney accent. Awesome.)

  13. Dear Lord, those pics are amazing! So precious.

  14. I believe that Ferg has become even more sweet and precious! Lila is very lucky to grow up with such a devoted big sister! As with most siblings, most likely they will have moments when Ferg is "annoyed" but the love just keeps growing! I distinctly remember Louis' "faces", they would seem to say, "really?.. again?.. another kid?" (eye roll) yes, I do believe they can roll their eyes! Yet, he was always the one healing their tears with his comforting fur and endless patience as my kids felt the need to lay ON him and not let him get up- until they were ready to dress him or force feed him water with a spoon!! Ahhh... It is a good thing! LOVE those pics, you'll cherish them forever!

  15. oh man. which one is cuter???? its a tie.


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