Ferg Friday: Better late than never!

7/10/2009 08:21:00 PM
As it turns out, Ferg likes to babysit her sister. :)

And pose.
And pose.
And, well... pose. :)
Each time we get the camera out to take a pic of Lila, Ferg poses.
I have trained her quite well.


  1. Absolutely precious!! Ferg- you are a great sister already, I know it can be a huge and tough adjustment, even if you don't let it show! :) Good job, Ferg! Love you from afar!

  2. that bottom picture is Ferg's best pic ever.

    rest well, Sister!

  3. oooooh, Ferg makes that collar look good!

    I was wondering what colors Lila likes best, since I've been making baby dresses.

  4. The third is my favorite, she IS actually smiling!!

    Oh, and good job Ferg with watching your sister...make sure she doesn't get into anything she shouldn't ;)


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