Blue that matches her eyes

7/08/2009 12:44:00 PM
Eyes open at home.

These same eyes refused to open at the passport photo place.

We shall try again tomorrow.

That Lila seems to be wearing the pants in this family.

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  1. Really? You have to get a passport for babies?

  2. Yep - in order to take La-La-La-Lila back to the States, she little one needs a passport. :)

  3. BABY PASSPORTS!?!?!? That is absolutely to die for~

  4. I'm intrigued. How often do you have to go and get their picture retaken? Babies change look so quickly......

  5. Love her little hat!

    That is awesome that she is going to have her very own passport! And you may want to mention to her that she has MANY MANY eager people up in the states that can not wait to meet her and hold her and give her kisses but can't until she gets her passport....maybe she will open her eyes for that ;)

  6. How frustrating! Little booger...


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