The View. I'm a glutton.

6/03/2009 09:23:00 AM

I DVR The View now that Ellen, Oprah and The Martha are re-runs.

(I require at least one talk show viewing a day.)

That said, I'd like to give a quick rundown regarding my thoughts on the characters on the view.
  • Barbara Walters - I've said it before. She's overrated. And out-dated. And irrelevant. Blah.
  • Sherri - I find breath of very shallow fresh air.
  • Elizabeth - Wow. She certainly is different, yet I always feel terrible about how everyone bashes her conservative views.
  • Whoppi - I actually enjoy her. I think she brings levity and humor in a respectful way.
  • Joy - I used to love her. Friends, countrywomen, I cannot STAND her. Has she become ridiculously negative and crotchety, or it is just me?
Ok, that's all.


  1. I hate this show, however, it's like a train wreck to me. I find myself watching the first 20 minutes almost every day. I can't help myself. I can't stand Whoopi or Joy....they are both so negative most of the time. I like Elizabeth...but I'm very conservative too, so that is probably why. I enjoy how she always sticks up for herself; that's got to get tough with all the bashing that goes on toward her.


  2. SassyTimes - I agree - Elizabeth HAS to be on guard all the time because Joy is always all up in her business.

    Let's ban Joy.

  3. You should watch The Doctors. Best talk show on TV, in my opinion.

  4. OK, I watch everyday too.

    I love Whoopi the most, however she often has "Oprah/God" moments that make her unrelatable sometimes.

    Barbara is way to old and totally rambles about nothing. Good thing she's only one once or twice a week.

    I know Joy is rough around the edges, but I find myself usually agreeing with what she says. She may be cynical but at least she's realistic.

    And then there is Sherri who is the opposite of Joy. She's funny but there isn't much substance to what she says. That being said, she is getting smarter as the show progresses. Anyone remember her comment that she didn't know if the world was flat or not?

    I really dislike Elizabeth. She's a waste of space really. The View could do so much better. There are plenty of conservative women that are way smarter and better speakers that her.

    Any time my husband walks in the room when The View is on he makes "gobble, gobble" noises. To him they sound like a bunch of turkeys :)

  5. I too tivo the view in Ohio and Cabo. I watch the hot topics. 100% of the time I am aggrivated. Barbara is a "know it all, Joy is "lib central" and never gives any other viewpoint a chance. I have noticed many eyerolls between Joy and Whoppi, when they don't think the camera is on them. I think they are a tag team taking turns at the shots.
    They are sometimes called "the ladies of the view", but they do not act like ladies. They are rude and cut people off and talk over guests.
    My least favorite part is when Whoppi does the "valley girl" voice. It is not cute or funny!
    Yes, this is how I feel, yet I watch it everyday! Sick right?


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