Produce Report

Lila is full-term! Lila is full-term! This means that she can be born any minuto and be just fine and healthy. All systems are go!


And, I'm thrilled that we're finally acknowledging that Lila is indeed a watermelon.
See? (There we are Saturday before dinner. With Ferg.)

Shall we dig in?

Q. How am I feeling?
A. I'm excited. I'm nervous. I can't believe I'm going to be someone's parent. I can't believe this "Lila" we've been speaking of for so long is actually going to be a real, tangible little being living in what was once our guest bedroom.

Q. Are you sleeping?
A. It's touch and go. I've definitely entered the uncomfortable stage, but again - I'm not miserable. I'm large and well, growing a baby in far too hot of a climate. I enjoy siestas.

**NOTE: I was born in mid-August, I now have a good grasp of what my Mom went through when having me, in terms of the heat.

Q. Are you short tempered?
A. Ha. Ask my husband.

Yes. I'm incredibly short-tempered. I cannot ABIDE being hot for longer than 5 minutes at a time. I start to lose it. And, I simply cannot handle explaining anything more than once. Nor do I understand anyone who doesn't think in the same manner as I do.

My ability to be patient in certain circumstances has also weaned. If we're out to dinner or something - I simply announce, "I'm ready to go." Then I get up and hope that C.'s following me. :)

Bottom line? I'm very pleasant right now.

Q. Is the hospital bag packed?
A. Indeed it is. We're all set. Biggest issue with the contents of the bag? What do I want to wear home from the hospital. (Note: the hospital is exactly 3.5 minutes from my house.)

Only me.

Q. How'd the first two child preparation classes go this past Friday?
A. We learned some valuable information. It was useful. I'm glad we went. We have a total of 5 more 1-hour sessions to go. Two more hours on this Friday.

Here I am on the way to child prep class on Friday.

However this was fun about class. One of the other "pregnant mommies" (cheesy sounding, I know), is having her first babies: a set of boy twins. She's due in mid-August. She apparently was under the misconception that Lila was my second baby. That would explain why she looked at my belly and said, "Oh wow! You really do stick out a lot more with your second baby, don't you?"


This is my first baby.

And yeah, it's really something when the pregnant-with-twins-mom feels the need to crack on my size.

Yep. Jerk.

Q. Are you ready for parenthood?
A. I'm not sure. Conversation had by Lila's Daddy and I this week:

Me: Can we take a baby to a concert?
C: I don't know.
Me: Hmmm...

Yep. We're ready. Bring on the baby.

Q. So has the baby "dropped" yet?
A. They say that in new moms, babies "drop" (also called "lightening") approximately 2-4 weeks before birth. Basically this is when the baby settles into the pelvis and prepares for birth.

According to my measurements, my upper abdomen is two inches smaller than what it was 2 weeks ago. This means that Lila's a bit lower. And, my sister hadn't seen me in 5 days and told me yesterday that I had definitely changed shape.

My current shape? Large.

We may be getting closer...


Our next doctor's appointment is today at 6 p.m. I should have some clear idea of how dilated and effaced (!!! Oh dear...) I am. (Sorry if that's too much information, but... well... that's the way it goes from here on out.)


Finally, here are several of the pictures from our photo shoot a couple of weeks ago. (I left the swimsuit shots out. You're welcome. :)

Peace out, girl scouts*.

*Ah, funny story about girl scouts. Well, more like girl scout cookies. I ate an ENTIRE sleeve of frozen thin mint girl scout cookies last week. It came out of no where and it was necessary.

Ah, pregnancy.


  1. finally - your watermelon is about to come any time now!
    a few things:
    1). i really like the professional photography - great work. can you confirm what you are wearing in the last one - is it a dress? i DO LOVE this picture.
    2). i like this necklace that you are wearing - the circle one - what is it??
    3). i think that what you pick to wear home is very important :-) heehee. let us know what you chose.
    4). good luck with sleeping and the rest of this pregnancy. i'm super excited.

  2. So even before I read about the twin mom comment, I was going to say how cute pregnant you are. You look like every mama wants to, like you're just carrying a basketball (or watermelon).

  3. These photos are incredible! Especially that first one of you with your hair all wild in the wind. Incredible.

    I laughed out loud at the fact that you are self proclaimed "not very plesant right now."


  4. your photos turned out beautiful!! and if it makes you feel better about the twin lady, all the women at my office keep telling me how "wide" I am.... not happy about that.

  5. what to wear home? um, maternity pants. they will be the only things that fit. go for loose and comfy.....

    i cannot believe that a mom-to-be of twins commented on your belly. the nerve! :)

    love the professional photos.

    and good luck w/ the sleeping...

  6. LOVE the pictures! Just gorgeous. The pic of C. sitting behind you and you two holding your belly SO cute!!

    I can't believe how close it is!!!

    Um and eating an entire sleeve of frozen thin mint girl scout cookies IS necessary. :)

  7. Ky, you are gorgeous! IGNORE THE 'TWINS LADY.' As anonymous said, your pregnant shape is exactly what pregnant women everywhere dream for - a watermelon in the front.

    I wore sweat pants, a large t-shirt and a nursing bra home from the hospital with both of my kids. Stretchy and nothing revealing a shape of any kind. :)

    And, does one have to be pregnant to eat an entire sleeve of GirlScout Thin Mints?? I'm just askin' because a couple of months ago I may or may not have done the same thing in one day....

  8. Thumbs up on the photos! So pretty.

    Thumbs way down to the rude twin lady. She sounds jealous and snarky.

    I think you could probably wear one of the cute dresses you've been wearing on your way from the hospital. (And if you're done with that cute white one featured here, please send to me. I love it!)

    Yay for your watermelon!

    Thin mints are thin for a reason, they expect you to eat them in mass quantity. So eating a sleeve is really like eating 3 cookies because of their thinness. That goes for you too, Dri.

  9. I can't believe how great you look, dispite the discomfort! I also am so excited about Lila's arrival! I can't believe that it could be just around the corner, now!

    Those pictures of you guys are fantastic! What a great background you have going on there in mexico! I'm so jealous!

  10. I made the mistake of wearing a snug fitting shirt home. When I looked at the picture I BAWLED. I had NO idea it was going to look like she was still in there after she wasn't. (Louis kept telling me how great I looked, but he lies.)

    Please email immediately with the status of your cervix. I shall be waiting with baited breath.

  11. Shhot, I'd eat an entire sleeve of GS cookies, and I'm not even pregnant.

    Gorgeous, by the way, but we all knew that already...

  12. p.s. You are STACKED up top!

  13. p.s. - brian just said that you "have dropped". ; )

  14. Your pics are really beautiful. You know, the kind I'd find if I searched "beautiful pregnant woman/couple" on istockphoto!

    Also, for future reference: while Holly has not been as lucky a concert-goer ... Jake saw Beck and Pearl Jam before he was five. I believe several people told him that he had the coolest parents ever!

  15. Everyone - thank you for your kind comments. You make me feel less whale-like. Thanks!

    Trophy Life - The last picture I'm wearing a piece of fabric. I think it's a curtain.

    And the necklace is one of Dri's South Main Designs. I LOVE it. And tell Brian he's right - the Dr. confirmed that I "dropped."

    Iris - Trust me. I'm not pleasant. :)

    Grumbles - Give that lady at your office my email address. I need to talk to her.

    All of you who've eaten a sleeve of thin mints - God bless you.

  16. I meant to post on Monday: You are SUCH a beautiful pregnant mama-to-be. Those pictures are WONDERFUL. Just wonderful. You are such an adorable little family. :) Did your nephew take those photos?


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