Produce Report
The FINAL week of the honeydew.

Let's be honest. Lila's a watermelon not a petite little honeydew. I mean, for real.

So, we've made it to 36 weeks. This means that I'm actually less than four weeks from giving birth.

Lila continues to grow. At this point, it's normal for wee ones to settle in and move less and less since they have less square footage to dance in. I know this flips a lot of expectant moms out - the not feeling of the baby. Luckily, my sweet Lila has hiccups at least twice a day and she continues to move and wiggle.

Love that.

Ok, before we get moving a *huge* thank you to all of you who have placed your wager and have bet when La-La-La-Lila will be born! (Stay tuned to my blog/facebook. I'm certain I'll be that pregnant woman who will send occassional updates throughout.) Anywho, if you haven't guesstimated Lila's birth yet, do it here.

Q. How are you feeling?
A. Big.

SEE!? I'm half an inch shy of 40 inches around what was once my "waist." :)

Q. Care to elaborate?
A. Sure! I feel quite swollen and also look quite swollen. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the 95 degree weather...

Up until this point, sleeping at night and keeping my legs/feet elevated usually meant that I started out the next day with a clean, un-puffy slate. Nope, not now. The feet get puffier over night (HOW?!) and and the legs seems to be getting heavier.

Q. What don't they tell you about pregnancy?
A. Oh, boy. I could go on and on. One thing: that heartburn, which you can never aptly describe until pregnancy, gets pretty ridiculous toward the end of pregnancy. Especially when you lie down. What you can eat gradually diminishes.

Q. Speaking of what you eat, how much weight have you gained?
A. I'll be honest: Exactly 30 lbs. (C. and I had a bet. I said I'd gain 30 lbs. throughout the whole pregnancy. He said 35 lbs. Looks like I'm going to have to starve Lila from here until BIRTHday.)

Q. What have you been up to?
A. I've been reading a lot about labor, signs of labor, delivery, dilation and more. I'm a cleaning and napping machine.

Q. At this point, what do you love about pregnancy?
A. I love knowing that in less than 28 days, I'll be holding my baby in my arms. OR, I may well give birth to a reese's egg. I mean, look. My stomach is TOTALLY the shape of a reese's egg.

And the profile:
Q. At this point, what do you loathe about pregnancy?
A. Size. My swollen face. My puffy feet. My swollen face.

Q. How's the nursery coming along?
A. GREAT! We're still waiting on a few things: chair/ottoman, changing pad, hanging up wall decor. Expect photos soon. In my humble opinion, it's preciously cute.

I had a shower this past weekend and it was WONDERFUL. Thank you to my sisters (T. & B.), my brother (B.) and my niece, Chloe for making the day LOVELY. And, thank you to all of the guests who showered us! Thank you! Here are some pics.

My sister's backyard. (Gorgeous, no?)

Super cute sign.

Ridiculously good cake.

Personalized M&M's. Aw.

Very pretty centerpieces.
My face. (I feel as if I look like Winona Judd.)
Winona Judd. My twin.
My tiara. As purchased and chosen by my sister and niece.

Miss Chloe giving me her very special gift for Lila's room.

And here's the masterpiece.

Even signed by the artist.
Ok! That's all. More pics next week of the nursery... and possibly some of preggo pics we had taken this past week.


  1. the shower looked PERFECT (!!), the picture from Clo was beautiful, i'm POSITIVE that Lila is going to come out looking like the cutest Reese's egg that the Baja peninsula has EVER seen, and although you have good reason to look like Ms.Judd (you ARE sharing your cuerpo with a watermelon), you do NOT look like her. can't wait for Lila to be born.

  2. What a lovely shower! How sweet.

    And you do NOT look like Winona Judd. Get out of town.

    Happy Birth Month! (hopefully.)

  3. I can't believe that little Miss Lila will be here so soon! My hopes for you are that you get much needed rest.

    The shower looked like one out of a magazine! How special is that painting!!!

    Love Ya

  4. I am laughing out loud about Wynonna!! It is not true at all, but it is totally funny.

    What a cute shower and that CAKE! Incredible!

  5. Holy cake. That is freakin amazing! Not to mention a better venue than most people's weddings, seeing that view!

    I do believe that Miss Chloe could start selling those baby artworks. That was really good! Artistic family for sure.

    The Winona comment made me laugh. Only you would come up with that!!!! LOL.

  6. I believe Jill pregnant with Evan is the only other odd shaped pregnant belly I've ever seen. Hers was exactly like a torpedo.

  7. Sister....that belly changed shape a lot. and appears just a tiny bit lower. hhmmm.

    Just remember. Clo has a meet. Far away. Behave and be patient, ok? Please.

  8. Lila DOES look like a reese's egg, hehe!

    What a LOVELY shower! That cake is amazing and you look beautiful.

    Chloe's picture is beautiful, what a talented and artistic familia you have!


  9. Cannot wait to see the first perfect little picture of La.La.La.Lila... :)
    I am so very ecxcited for you and C!
    Happy June to the both of you... It is a magical month.


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