Produce Report Addendum
My pilgrim's progress

I'm more effaced. (Almost there!) and more dilated. (WAY TO GO, lady parts!)

I'm heading back to the Dr.'s at 4 p.m. - just to do a check before the weekend. (I'm telling you, this medical world is SO different here than in the States.)

GREAT experience thus far.

He also let me know that I've been in labor for the past couple of days - ah..hence the cramping/contractions.

Stay tuned. Another appt. at 4. Child prep classes (blech) at 6.

I'm still holding out for Lionel's birthday manana.


  1. Sounds like you might have pictures to post of Miss Lila for the Monday morning update! I'm so excited and have lost track of how many times I've checked your blog today.

  2. we LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE you. And let me tell you something.....I am sooooo happy that we get to be close by when Ms. Lila arrives. Thank you for coming to Cabo!!!

    t & Clo

  3. HMmmm... that was posted before your 4 o'clock appt, and now it is way past when you would be back from child prep class??? sending lots of love and good positive thoughts and prayers!!! Love you guys! good luck!

  4. OMG, again, reader screwed it up and delayed the posting....

    I can't believe it's time! My guess on when she was going to arrive ALMOST came true!

    Go mama go!


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