Produce Report Addendum
Is it weird to give dilation/effacement updates via the blog?

6/16/2009 01:00:00 PM
I'm not sure what I think about that yet... Thoughts?

(C. feel free to chime in here.)

Update: Thanks for the reassurance, dear friends.

As of Monday, 6/15/09
1 cm dilated (Don't laugh.)
30% effaced

Next appointment: Friday, 6/19/09


  1. NO report away! Your readers are anxiously awaiting the updates and Lila's arrival.

  2. remember how fun it was to follow the live blog of miss J's birth...I wish I would've started sooner (blogging that is).

    we all (even the boys - even if they don't admit it) want to know...

  3. Great job Aunt Ky,

    On going green, it realy helps the invierment .

    Oh ya I left a note on my blog.
    Love ya


  4. No way!!! We're all waiting to hear any news about lil' Lila! Plus, it's like keeping a diary for you to remember later!

  5. It's true. We all want to know. Including Louis. It's not like you're posting pictures of the cervix, ya know? Just talking about it.

  6. I think it's more than fine. It's just a fact. It's something just about all pregnant women will experience. And like Nadja said, it's not like you're showing us pictures of it!

    (I have to assume it's worth posting, since you've brought it up, no?)

    So....Fess up!!! We all want to know!

  7. You owe it to all of us loyal readers!!! Everyone else can bug off if they don't like it!

  8. Post away girl-- I read your blog daily to see what is going on with you--Your blogs are always amusing and I love reading them! I hope you decide yes because I am sitting on the edge of my sit up here in Crazy Toledo!! HUGS-Danielle

  9. No - inquiring minds want to know!!

    But I do think Nadja is correct, no pix of the vix.

  10. (FYI - I've decided I do not like a day of no twopretzels posting. At least not this June. I'm nervous that there is something VERY exciting going on that is not allowing you near your computer!!!)


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