Produce Report Addendum
Dr.'s appointment Update (36 weeks)

The Dr. said that Miss Lila would be fine if she were born any time now.
He also estimates that she weighs approximately 6 lbs. (That's not too much!)
I asked him to wager when she's going to be born.
His guess?
Two to three weeks.
(We're right on track for Sunday June 21st - Father's Day/Lionel Richie's birthday.)

And there you have it.

Next appointment: 37 weeks - Next, Monday, June 8th.


  1. La-la-la-Lilanel.

    Lila being born on Lionel's birthday would be the ultimate! I don't think you could stand it.

  2. Oh my gosh that made me laugh out loud. That Lionel picture is perfection!

  3. LOL Mickey D.

    That would be amazing if Lila and Lionel shared a birthday. It would be fate.

  4. not only is it father's day and lionel's birthday, but it IS my guess for the birth-day poll! it must be the day. and now i just probably jinxed it. crap.

  5. I can't hear Lionel without thinking about you, you crack me up!!!


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