Now, this looks good, no?

6/04/2009 04:00:00 AM
I can't wait to see the movie, "Away We Go."

I believe it's worth your while to watch the less than a minute trailer here.

I had no idea that Dave Eggers (and his wife, Vendela Vida) wrote it. I originally FELL.IN.LOVE with this author after reading, "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" nearly 10 years ago. (One of the best books ever.) I don't know what it was, but at that point in my life - the book just really resonated with me.

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I already give it 2 out of 4 stars for what I assume will be fantastic writing and dialogue.

P.S. Dave and Vendela's daughter's name is October. That's fun.

Incidentally, Dave is the founder of McSweeny's. (Remember, Juno mentions it during the movie?) More info on the wikipedia page.


  1. i had not seen this before. ohmygosh. it looks wonderful. i cannot wait to see it.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. Love Dave Eggers, love "Heartbreaking Work," LOVE McSweeney's (you should check it out, Ms. Kylee, if you haven't already -- and love John Krazinski (or however you spell his name). I just saw a preview for this when we saw Angels and Demons this week (yawn), and it looks lovely. Just lovely. And it took me FOREVER to realize that was "Jim" from "The Office." Yay!


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