Lila Lowdown:

6/24/2009 09:28:00 AM
Ok, I'll tell you what everyone -

I think Craig and I say out loud, literally every 5-6 minutes, "Ohmygosh - she's the sweetest thing ever."

At this point it's clear - she looks like C. Which I'm thrilled with.

More pics to come.

Last night, our first night at home, went GREAT! She slept for 5, then 3 more a row.

Ferg met her sister yesterday, they're BFFs already.

NOTE: The earrings will be added to her cuerpo within a couple of weeks.

More pics to come.


  1. ok, you are BLESSED. No morning sickness AND slept 5 hours the first night home?! My first child didn't sleep 5 hours in a row until like month 4!!!

    Go Lila!!!!

    Can't wait to see more pics.

  2. 5 hours. Psh. She's such an amateur. So excited about more pics.

  3. What a fabulous baby girl, and a rockin' sleeper to boot! Love it.

  4. Yay for good sleeping!

    Sounds like life is excellent.

    So, when are you guys gonna have another baby? :)

  5. 5 hours plus 3?? See, she is already learning something from her sista. How fun that their birthdays are so close togehter, too! Bring the Lila Lowdown. Sending kisses to little Lila. xxoo

  6. Yay - send more pics immediately!

  7. Anna & Mick8:58 PM, June 24, 2009

    Dear Kylee,Craig,Lila and Fergie,
    I saw the pictures of Lila. She looks so cute and she is so small.
    Love Anna

    Oh my goodness! she takes my breath away! I am so very happy for you all!
    p.s. my verification word was "momoss" mom oss!! :)
    love you all!!!

  8. I have no idea how the "amp;" got next to Anna's name-oops, sorry! :)


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