If JT can do it for "sexy" - I can totally do it for mousse.

6/11/2009 04:00:00 AM

What ever happened to hair mousse?

Remember? EVERYONE used to use it. It was supposed to create body and volume all the while remaining light and weightless.

A.) It was so much fun to use. Who doesn't like foam?
B.) Actually holding down the mousse can trigger was just about as exciting as using silly string.
C.) It used to come in colors. In high school, I had "mousse for red heads." (Don't ask.)

Anywho, while walking through Costco a few times ago and spying the Clairol Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Curl Boosting mousse it occurred to me that I'd like to start a campaign to bring mousse back.

Are you on board?

*Note: I will not be campaigning anytime soon to bring scrunchies or banana clips back.

You're welcome.


  1. I still use mousse. I like it because it dirties up my hair a bit and makes it easier to work with.

    Does that make me a fuddy duddy?

  2. I got a body wave (sounds better than saying perm) a several weeks ago and my hair-doer laughed when I asked what kind of mousse I should use. She said people stopped using mousse about 15 years ago. This kinda hurt my feelings because I too liked mousse back in the day. She recommended this creme stuff, but it's not the same. So, I'm gonna jump on your mousse bandwagon. I'll also sign any petitions you circulate.

  3. I use Avon's body building mousse and I LOVE IT! It was like $2 and it kicks ass.

  4. p.s.

    A. show your beotchy hair-doer this comment thread and make sure she knows that we are all, in fact, some of the coolest people on the planet... and she can hate on mousse all she wants but it's coming back like MC Hammer.

  5. I used mousse when my hair was in the shape of a mushroom a la Fred Savage. I find that when I use it now, it gets sticky and stiff but only in certain spots. I use gel (Dep 8 to be specific) and it is amazing.

  6. Alyssa, the person who cuts my hair and who apparently is another one of the coolest people on the planet, actually recommended that I use mousse when she was showing me how to style my hair wavy last time.

    And, actually, until I got my most recent haircut I used volumizing mousse everyday before blowdrying to create, well... volume.

  7. Kylee...i too used the 'mousse for redheads' back in the day.


  8. Admittantly, I still use moose when trying to conquer "big hair" or the "bumpits" (https://www.bumpits.com/?MID=538365) look. It works wonders and I'm not ashamed.

    Secondly, sadly, banana clips and scrunchies are something that can be seen quite frequently at the local Walmart. For those people, I think that they have already won their campaign.

  9. I still use mousse when I want some wave in my hair and infact I use (and love) Herbal Essence Totally Twisted as well. I am glad to hear people are not hate'n on the mousse!

  10. I still have mousse. Don't use it that often. And not sure if it makes any difference. But I'm on board.

  11. what am I supposed to tell your niece about her ever growing scrunchie collection. As a bon-a-fide gymnast scrunchies mean as much as a back handspring back tuck right now. I mean if you can't look GOOD doing it???? Why do it?????

    Sister...give a nod to gymnasts in scrunchies using mouse (not gel)

  12. I use mousse to to tame the curls. Hmmmmmmmm. Should I be embarrassed?

  13. I have used Paul Mitchell mousse FOREVER. It's been a staple in my bathroom since high school. I had NO idea it was "out".

    What is the smoothing Paul Mitchell stuff you use?


  14. I've used mouse for years. I hate gel.
    I use finesse firm hold.
    If I could find a stash of Tame Mousse somewhere I'd buy the whole lot.
    It was the best.
    People must still use mousse..
    It's still sold in stores.


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