I have a clothesline!

6/16/2009 04:00:00 AM

I'm green!
Ok, I'm not necessarily "green," but I have a clothesline and I'm so excited about it.
Wet stuff gets dry here in approximately 2 seconds to 40 minutes.
No foolin'.
Note: I know this could appear semi-ghetto when entering our courtyard... but hey! I'm enjoying it. And, I'm using less propane to heat the dryer. AND, my house isn't getting so hot.
Another Note: C. has already declared that I'm not allowed to put his boxers on the clothesline for "chaffing reasons." Then he said, "Actually, you're not allowed to put anything of mine on the clothesline."
Such a killjoy.


  1. Oh, my goodness! Did you notice that your little baby countdown is on 10 days???!?!?!? That is so soon!

    By the way, we have a clothesline too and I feel so much better when I use it instead of the dryer.

  2. i can understand C's concerns. i was raised by a mother who used a clothesline, and i enjoy using them. however, it really helps to just throw the items into the dryer for 5 minutes to take away that chaffing feeling. even for towels.

  3. My Mom would very much appreciate this. She is a big fan of hanging clothes on the line. The smell on them after they're dry is her favorite smell in the world.

    I'm sure she appreciates the green aspect of it as well.

  4. My grandma had a clothesline and my cousins and I thought it was the coolest thing ever and would always help her. Since then, I have always wanted a yard where we could hang towels and sheets out on the line to dry in the summer (but agree with C., not our unmentionables).

    I think they are awesome!

  5. I want a clothesline. Right now I hang a select few things on a drying rack inside the house, but a clothesline would be awesome!!

    Although, I do agree that after hanging outside, just a teeeeeeenny bit of time in the dryer plumps everything up and makes them a bit softer.

  6. Great idea, ladies. I may need to do at least a, "5-minute-fluff" after clothes-lining.


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