How do you deal with HERBS.

6/17/2009 04:00:00 AM
(I hope you just read, "herbs" like Martha says it. Pronouncing the "H". Didn't you know? Martha determines which letters in the English language are silent and which are not. She is that powerful.)

Moving on.

Do you CUT fresh herbs with a knife before adding them to your recipes?
Or do you keep all metal blades away?
Opting for tearing or some sort of wooden object?

I ask, because I hate how when you cut cilantro with a knife, the pieces turn brown.

Like lettuce.


  1. Oh that Martha :)

    I know I probably shouldn't, but I cut all mine with a knife.

    I like uniformity in the size when I make bruschetta, dips, sauces. I don't like big uneven pieces of basil and I really don't like big pieces of cilantro, so cutting seems to be the only way to get smaller even pieces.

    I will say I never use a serrated knife when cutting Herbs and I always sharpen my knife before cutting them. It seems to help or maybe I just don't notice :)

    However, if there is something out there that helps cut herbs I feel as if I will need that.

  2. Hmmm... scissors is an interesting idea...

    We use a knife as well. Rachael Ray uses a knife. Does that put us right up there with Rachael Ray? I'm sure it does.

    Seeing that picture of herbs reminded me that I want to plant some basil. YUM-O.

  3. i may never again be able to 'herbs' without pronouncing the "h". haha.

    i tend to use my kitchen scissors when i cook w/ fresh herbs

  4. I, too, hate brown edges on my produce. A year or two ago, I found a lettuce knife at the Crate & Barrel by our house. It's fantastic!! And will cut most soft vegetables without a problem.

    And now they're on sale -- it will be the best $2 you ever spent in the kitchen :)

    Also, (because that's the kind of thing that drives me crazy) according to Merriam Webster, it's pronounced 'erb. Unless you're from Britain. And I'm not. Sorry, Martha, but if it's good enough for the Scripps-Howard Bee, it's good enough for me!

  5. i use a set of kitchen scissors from Pampered Chef. they are cool because at the top of the handle, there is a built-in gripper thing (i cannot explain this right now for the life of me) that helps you get the leaves off (i.e. - cilantro, mint, basil).
    this is easier:

  6. I use the scissors, as well. It gives you more control over what/where you're cutting (cilantro, for example, is a pain to cut with a knife)


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