Gasp! I was wrong!

Lionel Richie's birthday is on the 20th of June! NOT the 21st of June.

I feel that Lila can come anytime after the 20th.

June 20 - THE Lionel's Birthday*
June 21 - Father's Day*
June 22 - Señorita Fergie Lupita's Birthday / BFF Tamara's Birthday
June 23 - Jason Mraz's Birthday
June 25 -Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, aka: George Michael. (Eek.)
June 27 - The historic sensation: Helen Keller's birthday
June 28 - John Cusak (He's awfully melancholy, no?)
June 30 - Mike Tyson. (Nope, no temper at all. We'll just have to keep Lila away from people's ears.)
July 1 - My niece Chloe's birthday
July 2 - The day after Chloe's birthday*

*Dates I am hoping for.

Any other special June dates/people I'm missing?


  1. Come on, Mike Tyson's birthday needs a star next to it too... hehehe.

    It won't let me imbed this clip but you should watch it, it makes me giggle every time:

  2. wow...that's a lot of research into birthdays. impressive.

  3. (I think it's funny that both you and Quiet Oasis have pictures of old ladies in hats on your blogs right now. That's all.)

  4. Nicholas' Birthday also June 22

  5. If you've got Jason, I think you've covered all your bases :)

  6. Errol Flynn was born on the 20th - you may risk Lila being born with a sword, which I think would be unpleasant. (I think his mother's name was Lily or Lila, which is awesomely ironic)


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