Ew. What's wrong with him.

6/04/2009 08:33:00 PM

While I wish not to put a visual on this post regarding the Eminem/Sacha Baron Cohen incident on the MTV movie awards... (See here.)

I'd just like to say: Ew.

Why would a self-respecting person ever agree to that?

Clearly he's a bit hard up for publicity.

He could have always gone with the, "I'm a Celebrity! Help Get me out of Here!" show.

I mean, there are always options.


  1. who is more desperate here though..sacha baron cohen or eminem? i don't find SBC funny @ all. he's just freaky. and while i like Eminem's, ah, "music"...i cannot imagine why he would have agreed to that spectacle/train wreck that happened sunday night.

    personally i think it would have been funnier/more shocking if it hadn't been staged.

  2. haha, I thought this was funny!

    Yep, I admit it, I am a huge fan of SBC's characters and just thought this was hilarious, especially at the MTV Movie awards which I just find to be a huge joke of an awards show (though fun to watch). I also thought it was funny that Eminem did it considering he can be such a big douche bag.

    I don't think either was desperate, just being funny.


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