A dozen eggs.
A dozen donuts.
A dozen years.
All perfection.

6/20/2009 08:40:00 AM

As it turns out, today is the day that C. and I celebrate being "Craig and Kylee" for twelve, count them twelve years.

(Is there a more apt visual than a dozen eggs? I think not.)

This thing, dear Craig - that you and I have is incredible.
And I truly refuse to take it for granted.
I wish it for my dearest friends and family, and I pray for it for Lila.

It's so funny, I think back to the day we met (and what you were wearing), then fast forward to college graduations, buying our first house, getting married - and it makes my heart smile knowing that we did all these things while holding one another's hand and just laughing.

I truly could go on and on - but I will spare you from having to read too much.

Instead, I shall shout it from my version of "the mountain tops": my blog.

I love you. Happy anniversary.

♡ Me


  1. Huge congrats- it truly is amazing and inspiring, the story you two share. How wonderful to be looking back at those memories as you prepare to embark on many more and new experiences together! Hope your progression of labor, is giong smoothly- I think of you often and am sending positive loving thoughts your way. I admire you and Craig so much- I love you both and can't wait to hear! good luck!

  2. Congratulations, you love birds :-)

  3. a huge congratulations on making it for all of these wonderful years together!

  4. Happy Happy Anniversary to you!!!!


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