Cell phone pic round up starring: Señorita Fergie Lupita

6/05/2009 04:00:00 AM
Some people say that after Lila's born Ferg's going to be kicked to the curb.
How, may I implore you, could I ever allow that to happen?
Look at that face.
I mean, she smiles.
Now, I'm certain that we're in for quite a transitional period, but I'll tell you what - Ferg is family.

Some people also say that when Lila's born I'll more than likely stop taking camera phone pics of Ferg. I just don't see it. I think I'll be taking camera phone pictures of Lila and Ferg.

Here are some of my favorite camera phone shots from the past week or so.

At work. Happy as can be.

Oh, just hanging out on the couch. With her bear.

Sitting in Lila's Moses Basket. Sadly, I did not pose her. At all.

Riding in the car. (This pic never gets old. That's why I have, oh, 102 of them.)

And my favorite, sleeping in the beehive. Upside down. (Note the feet in the back sticking straight up.)


  1. She will not be kicked to the curb! Just look at how many pictures and videos I irritatingly send out of Athena and Zoe!

  2. That last picture is so cute!!!

    I agree that your precious pup won't be kicked to the curb. She'll make a wonderful big sis!

  3. seriously, she is flipp'n adorable. That bottom picture CRACKED me UP!!! haha

    I agree, her and Lila are going to be BFF's ;)

  4. i LOVE the beehive and of course i love it when she dangles her bears over the edge of the couch.
    i miss her. (and you and C)

  5. I hate that everyone thinks you have to choose between a human family and a pet family! Watch me (accidentally) have a baby and keep my SEVEN dogs. :)

    Besides, you can bring the Ferg to work!

  6. She's such a character!

    Those pics are hilarious!


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