Anyone have a Wii EA Sports Active game?

6/12/2009 06:00:00 AM

I'm thinking about getting this. Thoughts? Anyone have it?

See more here.


  1. i do not have this nor have i ever used it. however, after looking at the reviews and reading about the product, i believe you would like it. it looks very cool.

  2. Yes! I love it!!

  3. We don't have that, nor have we really talked about getting it. However, I wanted to thank for the reminder about actually using the Wii! It's too hard when it's nice out to stay inside to do that, you know?!?!?

    Now, your outside is much hotter than our outside so, I'd say get it and love it!

  4. I tried this out last week sister......all I can say, after nearly breaking clo's arm during wall ball and breaking two remotes, is this is one is a bit scary. you are flying everywhere. Make sure all safety straps are connected at all times.

    I bought the boot camp one a few months ago, btw, and its awful.

    If any of your readers find a yoga or pilates one, please let me know.

  5. I bought one last week and I'm loving it so far. Definitely a better workout than the Wii Fit. Check out the website, they have lots of good info there -

  6. Oops, that link didn't work. Here it is - EA Sports Active


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