"There's no pain like finger pain."

5/13/2009 04:00:00 AM
And you can quote me on that.

I recently incurred a finger injury whereby a portion of the skin on my right-hand pointer-finger was lost in some sort of hang-nail mishap. My finger is pulsating.

It is a pain worthy of its' own category: finger pain.

Why is it that the smallest (in length or area) afflictions are often the most annoyingly painful?

Paper cuts.
Hang nails.

The worst.


  1. ah, friend - i hope that the pain soon subsides.

  2. I agree. Also, you can't keep a band-aid on your finger - it's physically impossible.

  3. Yes. And broken fingers are no fun either. I may have told you, I broke mine in a running-in-the-dark incident. It's been months & it's still sort of.... weird.

  4. Ick. Finger pain is horrible!

    Jenna sliced (sorry, that's graphic, but the right description) her thumb on something on the floor when she fell and it was a straight, razor thin cut that WOULDN'T STOP BLEEDING. She barely cried, though, and we were able to keep band-aids (yes, plural because it was such a long slice) on her thumb. Although, she's only one, so the band-aids wrapped around enough times that they stuck to themselves.

    Try telling a one year old not to eat or suck on her band-aids. Ya, it didn't work very well.

    Hope your pain stops throbbing!


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