Strobe light does not equal rock star

5/05/2009 09:26:00 PM
Ok, I've got to tell you - I was upset that Matt Giraud got kicked off of American Idol last week. (WHAT?)

This week was "rock" week and yes, Adam was good. So was the girl. (Whose name escapes me and I don't feel like google-ing.)

Danny Gokey was terrible this week. TERRIBLE.
Kris Allen was HORRID this week. HORRID.

(The repetition was necessary.)

It will be very interesting to see who goes home. It has got to be one of those two.

I prefer Kris goes home.


  1. So I watched the performances on but haven't seen the whole show yet...I will do that tonight and maybe my opinions will change a bit.

    Obviously this is Adam and Allison's natural area of music - rock. I thought they both did a great job.

    I thought Adam was awesome, a great song for him. I have pretty much liked everything he has done. Though sometime watching him annoys me, a bit too theatrical for my taste..but I could listen to a rock CD if he ever put one out.

    Allison has that Janis Joplin voice, so I thought the song suited her. Allison, as great as she is, I think needs a couple more years to grow and perfect her stage performance. Just a bit boring but she has a great voice, I love that type of voice on female singers.

    Danny, I think he is a good singer, but I don't know what kind of CD he would put out and most likely I wouldn't listen to it. The song choice was horrible. He is not a rock singer and it just seemed un-natural seeing him sing something like that. And that high note/scream - UGH my ears. I would like to see him go.

    Kris - It was boring. Not bad not good just whatever. I think he could put out a nice pop CD and it would be ok, but I am just not a fan. Plus I have seen on previous episodes they compare him to a one Mr. Jason Mraz. Um, no. Seriosuly, no comparison of the two. Jason Mraz is in a toally different league and much more unique and talented. That is why I think he needs to go.

  2. Kris should have went home. Allison has mad talent and she's 17!! Although most aren't Adam fans...he can sing. Rock is his thing...that or Broadway.
    Danny is still my fav.


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