Quick American Idol thoughts.

5/21/2009 08:29:00 AM

  • I'm glad that Adam didn't win. I don't think the male-population of our world was ready for that much guy-liner. (Both C. and my brother have declared that they would never buy his album.)
  • Kris was a wussy winner. Um, you worked for it. Be gracious and actually thank the people who voted for you. (Of which I was not one. I didn't vote.)
  • When the whole group sang the P!NK song (So What) in the opening number I cringed and had to look away.
  • Fergie is a terrible live singer. I do, however, enjoy Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas.
  • When Jason Mraz came out after those two Idol singers butchered the first part of his song, I was delightfully surprised, yet alternately annoyed. Mraz is cool enough to not have to sell out on AI. I was disappointed.
  • Now, when Lionel Richie came out with Danny Gokey - it made.my.night. (Lionel must pimp himself out to the younger generation. I understand. I get it.)
  • I had no idea Rod Stewart was still...um... singing. AND dancing. (Yikes)
  • That Danny Gokey can really sing. (I'm excited to see where his career goes.)
  • I was entertained by the show. I really was. I liked it when Kara sang, too.

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