Produce Report
Still a honeydew...(Yet everyone I know agrees she's WAY larger than small melon.)

Well, hello there 35 weeks!
At this point in the parade, Lila keeps truckin' along... getting bigger and healthier. She's moving around, but the movements have changed from rainbow-and-butterfly-flutters to a constant Nazi-like presence in my right ribs.

If asked to currently sum up my pregnancy, I'd say this:

I still feel relatively good and keep waiting for the bottom to fall out; for that moment when I will absolutely loathe being pregnant. It hasn't happened yet and all of the proper variables have been put into place:
  • It's over 90 degrees where I live.
  • I'm tired. Like 1st trimester tired. Again.
  • I'm bloated.
  • My body is heavy.
  • My feet have gone on strike against some of my tighter shoes.
  • I'm swelling... every so slightly, I'd like to think.
  • I don't sleep.
  • I'm larger than I've ever been in all of my life.
  • And, I get up to go to the bathroom no less than five times a night.
Still. I love it. I love her. I love all of this.

Let's dig in, shall we?

Q. How was your Dr.'s appointment last week?
A. Perfect. The Dr. projected as of last week that Lila Ross is weighing in at approximately 5 lbs. 10 oz and that she is approximately 18.5 inches long. (That would make her already way larger than her cousin Micah at birth.) She's measuring about 2 weeks ahead of schedule in terms of her projected size.

Again, I think that those ultrasounds are way off.

Q. Do you feel like sharing any ultrasound images with us?
A. Sure! Check out Lila's face below. (It's quick - only 22 seconds. I think you see her face best in the beginning few seconds. It's like a hidden picture.)

Q. So, are you nesting?
A. If you call re-organizing the t.v. cabinet and all the DVDs, the cleaning products under the sink and washing all of Lila's clothes, blankets and burp cloths "nesting."

Q. Are you taking a maternity leave?
A. Indeed I am. Back in the beginning of April my employer afforded me the opportunity to start working from home. I wasn't overwhelmingly excited about it first - I'm social. I need that office environment. However, I've been usually going into the office 3 days a week and working at home for 2 days. I get quite a lot done at home... and I'm more comfortable.

After La-La-La-Lila is born, I'll get 3 months off then will be returning to work.

Q. Are you taking parenting/birthing classes?
A. No. We already know everything there is to know about child birth, labor and parenting.

Tee hee.

Yep. There's an English-speaking doula down here who facilitates birthing classes. We start the first one on the first Friday in June. My thought: If I learn one thing, it'll be worth it.

Q. Are you having any help after the baby comes?
A. At this point, both of our mothers are scheduled to come visit (separately, of course. For sanity's sake.) And I am fortunate enough to have my sister, brother and sister-in-law here. And of course, my newly blogging niece, Chloe. (I'm thinking the teenage nephew probably won't care too much...)

Q. Are you nervous?
A. No.

Q. How's Craig doing?
A. He remarked this past week that when June actually hits, he's probably going to lose it.

He's definitely on high-alert. Any sound I make, any pause I take... he's watching and asking, "ARE YOU OK?"

I love him. I've said it before: I WISH FOR EVERYONE A CRAIG.

Q. How's the Cabo heat workin' out for you?
A. Superbly. (Is that a word?)

Here's a couple of conversations between C. and I this week:

Convo #1:
Him: Geez, it's really cold in here.
Me: When you're pregnant, you can decide the temperature in the house.

Convo #2:
Him: Have you cooled off enough? Can I turn the A/C down?
Me: No. Get a blanket.

Q. So, are people commenting on your size these days?
A. Why yes! They are! (How lovely of them.) Each and every time they see me! Some of my favorites:

*"Wow, you're really getting big." (Then complete silence. What do you say to that? "Thanks!")
*"You seem to be 'blossoming'" (That's my fave.)
*"It seems you've got a pretty good-sized baby in there, eh?" (Me? No. I'm not pregnant. Are you?)

Q. Anything you reccomend for currently non-sleeping pregnant women?
A. Yes. When sleeping becomes uncomfortable. Get your hands on one OF THESE: It's a boppy pregnancy pillow. It but it's AMAZING. Because of it, I'm able to get some sleep. See it here online. It's $50. A friend gave it to me and I love it. I'm serious. Don't hate on it.

This past weekend, the niece (Bella) and the dog (Ferg) enjoyed Lila's new stroller. (I LOVE this stroller. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I seriously could go on and on about it. So could C.) Cute, no?

Ok, on that note.
Peace out, trout.


  1. Bella and The Ferg look sooo cute together!
    Hang in there, friend. Pretty soon La-La-La-Lila will be joining you and C. and you'll be able to take back your body.

  2. How old is Bella now?! So cute! And the Ferg seems to have found her place very nicely in the stroller, perfect!

    Ok, so is it bad that I did not see a face in the ultrasound? I watched a few times and nothing.

    I am happy to hear you still haven't reached that point where you loathe being pregnant, hopefully you never reach that!

  3. Another girl here at my office just went into labor and she has been miserable for the past 3 weeks- cheers to enjoying pregnancy as long as possible!

  4. I love your blog. That video seriously made my ovaries twitch. How amazing.

  5. WOW AUNT KY !!!!!!




  6. I love the update! The preggers boppy thing is hilarious, but as long are you are comfy - who cares!

    Can't believe how close you are now!


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