Produce Report:
She's a Honeydew

Enter week 33. I am now just seven weeks away from giving birth. Wanna see what 33 weeks looks like?

I'll be candid, I'm much more introspective and contemplative about the birth of my honeydew these days. (Which I swear is larger than a honeydew.)

The idea that I will soon see her and hold her... That I'll see C. holding his daughter... it's almost more than I can bear. Especially since I'm writing this post on Mother's Day - a day I never thought I would be blessed enough to participate in. Whew. (Tears in my eyes. As always.)

Moving on. (Bear with my emotions.)

During this month, Lila will continue to grow and respond to light and touch. They say I should also be singing to her now so that after she arrives here on earth, she'll recognize the songs I sang to her. Good thing for La-La-La-Lila that I'm loving the new Beyonce, Sasha Fierce CD these days. HA!. (More on that later.)

Let's dig in.

Q. How was last week's Dr.'s appointment?
A. Super. The doctor commented that she is not small. (For the billionth time. Eye roll.) In fact, she's measuring about two weeks larger than her current expected size. A big baby is a healthy baby, if you ask me. I just don't know that I'm all about pushing a BIG baby out of you-know-where.

As of last monday, she weighs approximately...4 lbs. 15 oz.

Yes, nearly 5 lbs.

I think the ultrasound is way off. Seriously, there's what, a 30% margin of error there? (I'd like to put together a pool of when she'll be born and how much she'll weigh. Stay tuned.)

Q. How am I feeling, physically?
A. Larger. I'm definitely feeling larger. I think I entered into the "uncomfortable" phase of pregnancy last week. Lila refuses to grasp that we're sharing a body and that the swift kicks and butt-bumps to my ribs are not pleasant.

I never knew that my ribs would actually be sore from carrying a baby. I swear, sometimes it feels like I just took a hockey stick to the chest.

Also, it appears that I'm unable to move without sighing*.

(*Note: I think I sigh as much as I do for two reasons: 1.) because I'm heavier than normal and 2.) because I feel that C. needs to be aware of my comfort/discomfort level at all times. It's his job, right?)

Q. How am I feeling, emotionally?
A. Oh boy. We're entering dangerous territory here. Up until this past week, I'm willing to say that I've been a moderately emotional pregnant woman. I've kept my emotions in check and haven't really been a rollercoaster.

(C., will you back me up?)

This week, I cried while doing pilates. I was sitting on my yoga mat and the daylight was streaming in hitting my legs just right... making them look like they were covered in cottage cheese. I literally exclaimed and cried out, "Who's legs are these!?!" Bam.

Started crying.

I also cried because the tops of my thighs were rubbing together and because some girl found her "perfect wedding dress" on, "Say Yes to the Dress." I can cry about anything anytime, anywhere.

Q. Any big realizations this week?
A On my my mac I have a "stickies" program. (Think post-it notes for the computer.) I keep a list of my nine friends/family members who are currently pregnant and their due dates. My friend Adrien had her baby last week. (YAY!)

...I'm next.

HOLY cow, batman.

Q. How's the weight gain/eating going?
A. I was telling a friend this week that now that I'm 3/4 through my pregnancy, I'm willing to say that the most difficult aspect for me has been the weight gain.

Seeing the scale move up, up, up just isn't fun. Then battling with feelings of guilt over how you shouldn't FEEL bad that you're gaining weight because you're growing a child makes it that much worse.

I think when it comes to the weight gain issue - it's just personal. No one out there has my body; therefore no one else's advice/experiences apply to me exactly.

I'll just keep on, keepin' on.

Bottom line: I eat a lot of cereal.

C. said it best this week:

"You know, your pregnancy should be sponsored by Kellogg's."

He's right. (Trophy Life: I like to mix multi-grain cheerio's with corn pops on top. It's amazing. You should try it, my fellow cereal-mixer.)

Ok, so here are some pics from this past week.

First, C. went to the store for me this week because I REQUIRED tomato soup. Stat. He brought back 3 cans of it, a beer for himself and a present for Lila.

Next, we're debating on what color walls to go with in Lila's room. If you recall, at first they were going to be yellow, then pink, then back to yellow... Now, we think we're scratching those ideas and going with a celery green.

Here Ferg was helping me decide.

I love that dog. (The green in the bottom right-hand corner is what we're thinking for the walls.)

This is my favorite dress on the quilt.

We're pumped about our stroller situation. We got an orange BOB Revolution and a lighter umbrella stroller for the airports, etc. Ferg's been a sport about me trying everything out on her - even the umbrella stroller.

I decided to crochet some hats for Lila this past weekend. Here's Hat #1.

I started on Hat #2 and it was shaping up to be a cute yarmulke. I had to try it on The Ferginator.

Here it is, finished.

And finally, we got to dress up and go to a wedding celebration on Saturday night. It was LOVELY and we had a great time.

Until next week...



  2. you look lovely. :)

    LOVE the hats. :)

  3. The hats are too freakin cute!

    Love the dress.

    The Ferg is such a great model and baby equipment tester.

    This is all so, so precious!

  4. how funny! I have been trying to talk Jon into letting me put our dogs in the stroller too! But one is 100 pounds and the other a chewer, so I haven't gotten to.

  5. I like that she is a honeydew!

    So YOU are beautiful, I love that stroller (do you think Ferg will give it up?), green is a great color choice, and the Winnie the Pooh shirt is adorable!

    And those hats are TOO CUTE! Great job! After I made that one for you I told Terry I wanted to start making more for friends because making stuff for babies was fun. I told Terry when we have kids they will be wearing crocheted hats, gloves, shoes. He wants me to crochet them "t-shirts"...preferably with metal band logos on them ;) I told him I would work on that.

  6. aaaaaaahahahaha! that yarmulke is great. i now have the Adam Sandler song in my head.
    i believe that the green color would be great in your home. i endorse it fully. for what that's worth!
    the hats are great and you may have to get a double stroller so that Ferg can also be strolled.

  7. You crack me up! Seriously, these updates are just so funny!

    I've heard this part of the pregnancy just isn't fun. Your tired, uncomfortable and full of emotions of which you can't control. She'll be a bundle when she gets here... can't wait!

    I too, love those hats!! Very cute.

    Color choice for the wall... I'm sure whatever you pick it will look great! You have a lot of choices to pick from! :)

  8. Wow! Kylee you look so beautiful! I am so proud of you, you have remained so positive through all this and you have thought through so much just for little Lila! You are going to be such a good mom! i love you and cant wait to be with you again! Taryn

  9. You look so beautiful!

    A couple quick thoughts:
    - You have the friggin cutest dog (don't tell Cooper I said that!)
    - You're getting so good at your hats. I'm thoroughly impressed.
    - I'm feeling ya on the weight gain thing... It's definitely the thing I struggle most with I think.
    - I didn't think I was that emotional today, but this post totally made me tear up.
    - You are going to be such an amazing mom!

    I think that's it. I love these produce reports!

  10. THANK YOU, all. You're quite kind to this pregnant lady.

    P.S. The dress is from Target. (Non-maternity, $19.99.)

    W.K. - I'd LOVE to see the crocheted t-shirts you whip out. :)

  11. I have the same bedding for my not-so-little-anymore baby girl. We also have celery green walls in her room. The paint color came from Lowes and it's called Patina.
    You are too cute and I thoroughly enjoy your blogs!

    Dri's S-I-L

  12. Oh my gosh she will be here so soon!!! You are "full term" in 4 WEEKS!!!!!!!!! OMG! How exciting!!

    (It's weird seeing you so well endowed)

    You look LOVELY!

  13. LOVE the dress. LOVE the color. You look beautiful. If it makes you feel better, I think I got the same dress but in a different color. And it looks about 10 times better on you! :) Lol.

  14. Several random thoughts of mine:

    You are gorgeous!

    Big babies rock, boooyaaaaah!

    The Ferg is adorable!

    Jenna needs one of those hats. Bad. Do you take orders?

  15. I miss you like insanely right now with that crazy cute belly. You should be emailing me a mailing address today so that I can mail some cute baby stuff 'n' junk.

  16. Happy 1st mother's day. You are beautiful!


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