Produce Report
The second week of the honeydew

Why, hello there 34 weeks!
You're looking...round...and...well...round.
Thank you, thank you.

I'm proud to say that at this point my waist has gone the way of Elvis (it has left the building) and is upwards of 37.75 inches. (Ok, fine. It's 38 inches.)

In all honesty, I kind of find it humorous. I had no idea my skin could do this. As far as I'm concerned, my skin deserves some kind of "Way-to-go, skin!" award.

I'd like to show you my view when looking down:

Pretty, huh? Clearly, I haven't seen my feet in quite some time.

Q. What's Lila up to this week?
A. Cookin'. Her job from now until D-day is to "fill out" and "fatten up." Essentially, she's like a Thanksgiving Turkey, except we're not going to eat her in the end.

Q. How am I feeling?
A. Pretty good, actually. According to all the books, fatigue is supposed to have set in again and let me tell you, he's here and he's intense. Bottom line? I'm going to bed a bit earlier and resting when I need to.

Oh, and someone has attached 15 lbs weights to my legs.
Or at least it feels like that.

Q. So... can you give at any minute now?
A. Well, I certainly hope not. I've said it before: I feel as if I require ALL 40 weeks to prepare for parenthood. However, while I've read that between now and 37 weeks I'm considered pre-term, Lila would more than likely be just fine if she were to be born.

Q. So, how's the whole reading-about-labor thing going?
A. Ah yes, it's going. My favorite thing I've read is from The Pregnancy Bible and it warns against expecting your newborn baby to look like a sweet cherub.

Instead, I believe it says something to the effect of, "Your new baby girl will more than likely be swollen, red, bruised and... not exactly what you had in mind."


I believe I'll be hoping for the best, but expecting a bald spider monkey.

Q. Have you done/are you going to get any photos done whilst pregnant?
A. Indeed. I told my Mom that we were going to have some photos taken on the beach of Craig and I. Care to know her response?

"You're going to have naked photos of you taken on the beach?"

Me: "Um. No. Did I say 'naked' at any point in there?"

Can you imagine?


Anywho, we're going to have some photos taken very soon by a friend and hopefully a few more after my nephew (the photographer) gets back to Cabo. (My sister has confirmed that he will indeed not be wigged out to see his Aunt's baby belly.)
Stay tuned.

Q. How's Lila's room going?

A. Well, we've painted the walls (Honeydew dream) and assembled the 'ole changing table and the crib. We're waiting on the mattress to be imported down, along with the changing pad and some other fun stuff. (Sadly, we didn't pose Ferg that way.)

Here's me this past weekend. That's a Target pregnancy Liz Lange shirt and me stuffed into my pre-pregnancy jeans with a rubber-band keeping them on me.

(Not sure why I'm standing that way... )

I did some more paintings for La-La-La-Lila's room. Care to see them? (I think I'm going to add more pizazz to the "L" one.)

Oh! So I bought this cute "dress garland" on clearance on Pottery Barn Kids for only $14.99. They're five felt dresses. Um, they're TOO cute. Super cute. We're thinking of putting them above the crib.

Alright, until next week friends!


  1. I'd like to you know what an accomplishment that is to fit into your pre-prego jeans, rubber band or not. Around 20 weeks, my poor jeans wouldn't fit over my HIPS!!!! You'll be back to your good ol' size in no time. :)

    Loved this post by the way. Everything looks awesome and I'm happy to see that the exhaustion hasn't stolen your sense of humor. lol.

  2. I believe in the second picture of your belly I can see Lila's tush sticking out. I'd like to pinch it.

  3. "expecting a bald spider monkey" HAHA, those are cute too ;)

    Your mom must have been thinking Demi Moore type pregnant pictures - hahaha! Funny

    I really like that color in Lila's room, and that room is going to be WAY cute with all the homemade art work and fun stuff!

  4. you are looking great (i THINK SO even if you are rolling your eyes at me!), the room is going to be so cute, i'm looking forward to the [non]nude pics and i loved the visual of the spider monkey. thanks!

    You do look incredible even if all the extra skin stretching freaks you out a bit!

    AthenaBee..I too believe I see her tush sticking out, a little to the left? :) indeed, a pinch would be appropriate!!!

    You guys are doing an incredible job and I can't wait for the day you become parents!!

  6. p.s.- tell Craig he'd better work on his photo pose if he is going to be in many more pics with Ferg!

  7. The fact that you can even pull up your pre-pregnancy jeans has me extremly jealous! I think by then I could not even pull up some of my early pregnancy jeans. I think I gained all 30 lbs in my butt alone...well minus the 6 lb babes.

    You look darling. I also know it is hard to feel that way, but you truely do.

  8. Thanks, ya'll!

    Quiet Oasis - I'm probably one of the lone pregnant women out there who is actually hoping that I gain some hips from pregnancy.

    Athena - Indeed, Lila's bootie always be stickin' out. She gets that from C.

    Wrestling Kitties - I'm glad you laughed about the spider monkey comment. Ask my Mom right now, she'll tell you that's what she thought I looked like.

    Trophy Life - I love that you knew I'd roll my eyes...

    Mick - I love you. :)

    Carter Nitty Gritty - With EACH pregnancy C. and I were ASTOUNDED with how amazing you looked. FOR real. Gorgeous.

  9. I love the pics this week! Especially the one looking down :)

  10. WOW!!!

    Aunt KY ....

    You look great , and the baby stuff is so cute.
    I love everything.

    I love you.


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