Produce Report:
The last week of the squash

At 32 weeks, I'm willing to say that my stomach looks less like I have a squash in it and more like I am smuggling an NBA-sized basketball under my shirt 24/7.

Moving on.

We have a Dr.'s appointment today - so next week I shall have a full report and hopefully some fun ultrasound shots.

Q. So what's going on with me this week?
A. Well, our final guests left on Saturday and C. and I were smacked in the face with the brick of reality. "Hey - she's coming! There's NOTHING else standing in your way. No more guests, no more trips... it's just La-La-La-Lila coming here to la-la-la-live. And soon."


Q. How's Lila this week?
A. Just getting bigger, from what I understand (and feel). And she's developing a sensitivity to temperature, according to the books. I will also say, she's pretty responsive. If I get nervous because I can't feel her - I'll tap on my stomach and she taps back. In Morse code. Usually something like, "Yes. I'm in here. And I'm fine. What don't you feed us another reese's cup? I enjoy those."

Q. Anything interesting going on with your cuerpo (body)?
A. Yes. No one ever tells you how HARD your belly is during pregnancy. Again, not as in, "Look at her rock-hard P90-X rock-hard abs!", more like, "That child's butt is jutting out of the right-side of her abdomen and its hard and it looks...odd."

Q. Have you contracted the non-swine flu flu?
A. No.

Q. Are you worried about it?
A. No. I wash my hands a lot and appear to be pretty healthy. I did email my Dr. last week when it first came to light and he emailed me back within a couple of hours (how great is that?) and told me not to worry, but to call him if I felt anything coming on. Good man.

Q. Reached any milestones lately?
A. Yes. Funny you should ask. I feel as if I have surpassed a huge pregnancy milestone: my belly now sticks out quite a bit further than my up-top. Weird.

And, I think I may have just painted my toenails for the last time until July. It wasn't easy bending down.


You don't understand why not?

Go grab a basketball, stick it under your shirt, then try to touch your toes.

Q. How are you feeling?
A. Great! Just a bit tired. Any of you Fargo fans? I love Marge Gunderson (Frances McDormand). There's a point in the movie when she says to Jerry Lundegaard, "Mind if I sit down? I'm carrying quite a load here."

I relate.

Q. You started sleeping on your back, why?!
A. Because I woke up last Sunday with swollen sausage fingers and toes. I read in some book that sleeping on your back causes blood to settle... and that sleeping on your SIDE actually helps with swelling.

They were right.

I'm sleeping on the 'ole sides and no longer have swollen fingers and toes. Whew.

Q. Are you starting to lose your mind?

A. Yes. I'm misplacing things a bit more than normal (which is incredibly frustrating for someone like me). And, I'm making less sense when I do speak. Saturday night at dinner, I actually said this to C:

"Did you hear what I just said to me?"

Translation: "Did you hear what I just said to you?"

By the way, C.'s response to me was: "No. I actually did not hear what you said to yourself."


Q. Have you started the baby's room?
A. Not yet! I believe that will be starting this week. I shall post photos when we get closer.

Q. Are you shopping a lot?
A. Believe it or not, no! However, I just ran across these shoes and I believe that Lila needs them.

Ok, here's my profile this week. (I had hard core bed-head so I cropped off my head. :)
And clearly, the wife beater is working over-time.

Next, do you want to see what 23 lbs. of extra weight looks like on someone who will more than likely give birth (gasp!) in less than 8 weeks?

Click below on it to make larger. I can't believe've come...
On that [very large] note... I'm off to wobble around like a weeble.



  1. those cute shoes are GREAT! i'm stunned at your cuerpo's growth! i think you look amazing. and... here's to everything being downhill from here on out!

  2. Thanks for sharing everything! I love the stuff like she's developing her temperature "gauge" this week.

  3. I love the time line of your belly gowing...SUPER COOL!

  4. I love the pics of Lila growing. SO CUTE! But I am confused. You seem to have lost your tan in week 11 and 23.

    ps. Lila definitely NEEDS the pink and green shoes.

  5. HSL, I was gonna ask the same thing re: the tan.

    Ky, are you getting curious as to how exactly it can get even BIGGER??

  6. HSL & Athena Bee -
    The 'ole camera flash was on in the less-tan weeks. ;)

    I should probably try to photoshop those so I don't look so clammy, eh?

    And Nadja - I have NO IDEA how my stomach can get bigger. I cannot even FATHOM it.

    And I'm worried that my skin won't make it.

  7. So much fun to read these. And I love the belly progression.

    Tap Lila a hello from me!


  8. Wow... less than 8 weeks to go? Geez, I can't believe it!

    On a side note, I loved your Fargo comment. My favorite line?
    "Did you find a clue, Margie?"
    "Nope, just morning sickness."

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  10. Those shoes are way cute! Lila is going to be one stylish chica. Love seeing how you & Lila have progressed over the weeks! Very fun. And morse code is very good for the two of you to know ;)

    My word verification is "Sally" which is my moms name...hehe.


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