People I never want to hear speak EVER again.

5/05/2009 05:00:00 AM
1. Gayle King. (Oprah's BFF)
I just find her tremendously overpowering. She's too much. And she's not allowed to be because like it or lump it, she's not Oprah. She's just Gayle.

2. Billy Mays. (The Oxi-clean and infomercial nut-bag)
He always yells and is so self-righteous it makes me ill. And I don't think you can trust a man with that dark of a beard.

I'm just saying.


  1. LOL! Did you see that he has a knock-off of the Sham-wow?

  2. Can we just add Oprah to the list. Because apparently her and Gayle are one. And Oprah annoys me almost as much as Gayle.

    Oh and Tom Cruise gets added to the list as well for me.


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