Nope. Not necessary.

5/19/2009 04:00:00 AM

You can't convince me that Night at the Museum II is a good idea.


  1. My kids a super excited about this. They really liked the first one. So I know WE ALL will be watching this at some point.

  2. just wait, while it may not be "night at the museum II" at some point in your life with Lila, you will realize, you, yourself will actually be enjoying and "loving" things that you NEVER thought possible all because you see and feel the excitement your kids get out of it and want to be a part of it! Or maybe its just me! :) But in any case, I feel it is totally worth it to be a dorky mom just to get to FEEL that love, fun and excitement with them!!!

    ie: I don't really aspire to meet the Jonas brothers or Demi Lovato, but would probably cry watching my kids expereince it!! he he he

  3. Yeah I don't know about this movie either.

    Off topic, you are going to here "Just wait" from now on. Everybody who has a child will tell you to "Just Wait, you will see" for just about everything kid related. It gets kind of annoying after awhile.

  4. I really did not intend to sound "lecturing" or annoying- really, I truly meant it as an encouraging thing about being a parent, at least for me! SORRY!! No offense meant!!! I will not try to tell any parent or parent to be, "just wait..." again

  5. Mick - I love you. "Just wait" comments from YOU are taken with love.

    B. - You are absolutely right - soooooo many people do start to say that, don't they?


    Ah, the circle of life.

  6. You are right that a sequel may not have been a great idea and while I will not see this in the theater I am going to admit, right here on the blog, I WILL rent this when it comes out and though I can say with almost full certainty that it will be ridiculous I am sure it will be some funny brain candy for 95 minutes.

    Ok, Ok, I am looking forward to seeing it. THERE, I said it. jeesh. ;)


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