The most ridiculously priced item on etsy.

5/08/2009 08:00:00 AM
See here.
It's made of black leather.
It was recently discounted.
Want to know from what?
It was $850.00 USD and is now available at the low, low, low price of $750.00 USD.
Yeah right.
Get over yourself.


  1. Stupid. Even if I had $750 I would not by a leather backpack...I mean, comeon it is a BACKPACK! And what person who is actually in need of or would WANT a backpack would have the money to spend $750 on one? Answer: no one.

    On a related note, THIS is the kind of deal she should be pushing. So, my dad did some great shopping a couple weekends ago when he was in town. He went to Jos A Banks to buy a leather jacket because he knew they were on sale. The coat he found was awesome. Original price $750.00. Sale Price $199.00. Total w/ tax $212.00. Dad had a $100 gift card so only spent $112.00 out of pocket for this coat. THAT is some good shopping.

  2. I think the most important thing to point out is the fact that the backpack is totally hideous!

  3. I bought that for Lila for when she goes to school. Did I spend too much?

  4. Mickey D - LOL! Hilarious comment!

    (Okay, word verification is: "iliesses" - very close to illnesses. Is that because I'm typing on a blog of a person who lives in Mexico? Darn pig flu.)

  5. that Mickey D....always has to do the other Blogger Aunts! damn her.


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