Minimum requirements for being a woman.

5/12/2009 04:00:00 AM
This past weekend I attended a gorgeous wedding celebration, complete with DJ (and mariachi band).

That said, I feel that there are two songs that every woman should know all of the words to:

1. Respect, by Aretha Franklin (1965)
2. Survive, by Gloria Gaynor (1978)

As an American, I feel that every person should know the words to:
1. American Pie, by Don McClean (1971)
2. Brown Eyed Girl, by Van Morrison (1967)
3. Pianoman, by Billy Joel (1973)

Thoughts? What am I missing?


  1. do you, in fact, know every single word to all 8 1/2 minutes of American Pie?

  2. Star Spangled Banner. Hehe.

  3. Athena - yep, when I was in Junior High I wrote down EVERY WORD to American pie and learned it. (Don't ask me why. I just always loved it.)

    Sarah H - hee hee. I guess you're probably right about that one... :) hee hee!


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