La-La-La-Lila made me do it.

5/14/2009 06:56:00 PM
Last week I won this cute large Vera backpack (new) on eBay for $30 less than what I would pay on the Vera website.

With this purchase, I kinda feel like I beat "the man." Or at least, "the woman..."

I'm thinking a backpack may be super-easy with Lila. You know. For her to carry. (She needs to pull her own weight around here from the get.)

Incidentally, I saw this GREAT molded laptop bag when I was in Ohio. (Patt had it.) I LOVE it and it will be my next Vera purchase. I'm telling you - it was adorable. And, structured and safe for the 'ole 'puter.

Patt has Cupcake Green and I'm copying her. How fun?


  1. I changed diaper bags a million times during the first year and finally settled on a backpack, it was the best. You're wide enough carrying the infant carrier around without the added width of a bag on your shoulder.

  2. Oh, those bags are way cute!! I particularly like that green one

    and this one…

    and this one….

    And this one is cute and only $25!!!!

  3. love me some Vera--and I have a ton of stuff in that Mod Floral Pink Pattern--it's one of my faves!

    I'm into Pink Cupcake right now--you'll love the stuff--and you can wash it when there is an "accident"


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