If I were to die tomorrow.

5/20/2009 04:00:00 AM
If I were to die tomorrow and someone went through my pantry and found the jar of Skippy peanut butter (gasp!) that is currently stored in it, I would be embarrassed.

Friends, it's not mine.

We bought it when we had guests recently. (They needed peanut butter for a recipe and I couldn't bear to share the last of my JIF.)

But seriously, I would never buy/use/enjoy Skippy. Ever.

JIF forever.

(Turtle Parade: Thank you for the two GIGANTIC jars of JIF peanut butter you got me when we were in T-town. They literally arrived from the importer the DAY I ran out of my last small jar. YOU are a God-send.)


  1. Is it an abomination that I have Kroger natural peanut butter?

  2. I'm with you - Jif good; Skippy bad. :-)

  3. When I make my "famous" peanut butter cookies, I use JIF. And only JIF. Although, we don't have any in our house now.

    I'm with you Nadja, except we use Krema natural PB. The ingredients literally say, "peanuts." I like that and feel good about putting that into my body!

  4. well, i have giant eagle brand in my pantry (but only because it was cheaper than Jif -- family budget comes before quality sometimes). and i have bought skippy if i have a good coupon. although, i prefer jif.

  5. I love that you bought Skippy so you didn't have to give up your JIF. Haha!

  6. you are quite welcome. :)

    I prefer Jif as well, but I pretty much love any peanut butter.

    I would eat it on a boat.
    I would eat it with a goat.

  7. I'm so pleased that the majority of you are on board with JIF.

    Nadja - what are you thinking? EAT THE SATURATED FATS that are in JIF. They're just better. You too, Dri and TLC.

  8. Last year when we "tightened our belts" and began eating and doing everything as cheap as possible I was doing grocery shopping. I stopped looked at the pb and compared prices. . . picked up the cheapest brand and took two steps before hearing in my head "choosy mom's choose Jiff". Turned around and picked up Jiff and went on my way. Jiff outweighed budget in our house. ;)

  9. It is not saturated fats that are bad in JIF it is trans fats...choose JIF natural!

    Natural is better!

  10. (Anon - Forgive me! I meant transfats.

    And I just looked - JIF has 0 transfats.

    Bummer... I have no access to Jif Natural. In fact, I seldom have access to REGULAR JIF.

    Woe is me, I know... ;)

  11. You are forgiven! ;) And I think I meant hydroginated oils...oops I was wrong too!

    Keep on, keeping on....JIF

  12. I'm a Peter Pan kind of gal myself.


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