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5/07/2009 04:00:00 AM
I'm a Paul Rudd fan.

I was just thinking today about the first time I remember seeing him.

Hee hee. It was 1995 and I was watching Clueless in the theater.

Does everyone remember Cher Horowitz's step-brother, "Josh"?

Remember when they kiss at the end of the movie, and you were like, "What? Huh? Is that ok that step-siblings just kissed? I feel weird."


  1. I would kiss him if he were my step sibling. I adore him.

    Of COURSE I remember him in Clueless. That's when I fell in love.

  2. I too fell in love with "Josh" in clueless! I on the other hand would not have kissed my step brother.

  3. Clueless was a regular in Sherri and Randa's dorm room. :) And, I loved Josh for sure! Super cute.

  4. Yeah, he's a doll.

    I'm happy to see that he's made a nice career for himself.

  5. I love him, I loved that movie, I loved him IN that movie, I love the soundtrack to the movie (and own it), and I wouldn't get all up with my step brother. awkward!

  6. I thought it was weird, but I liked them together so I just ignored my feelings of weird-ness.

    I was still trying to not feel weird about "rollin' with the homies."

  7. I LOVE Clueless! And you know what's funny? I've watched this movie multiple times with MY DAD. And we occasionally quote it to this day. Ha!

  8. Oh and Kylee, have you seen Role Models? It's hilarious. Paul Rudd is great in it.


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