Ferg Friday

5/01/2009 04:00:00 AM
So I took a lot of photos of Ferg while in Ohio. (Surprise.) But I had to post my favorites.

First, here she is wrapped up on the bed. It was cold.
(She stayed like this for quite some time.)

Um, tell me this face isn't ridiculously perfect?

And, then she sunk further in to the blanket to protect herself from the cold air.

And, here she is (smiling) in the airport.
She was happy because we were going back to warm weather.


  1. that's funny that your blog just changed its look! i LOVE the new banner and all of the photos of Ferg. she can't help it that she likes her own Snuggie while in Ohio.

  2. I love how she sunk into the blanket even more, that is too cute. And those eyes, oh my goodness....I would spoil her so much with those eyes looking up at me :)

    And agree, the new banner is great!

  3. But I got to see her LIVE in Dallas! :)


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