Celebrating Three Years:
It's Two Pretzels' Birthday!

5/17/2009 10:12:00 AM
Indeed! Today is the third-anniversary of Two Pretzels. How exciting is that?

In honor of the occasion I have whipped up a short list regarding why I blog:


Why I Blog
by Kylee

I blog because I love it.
I blog because writing makes me happy.
I blog because it makes me feel connected.
I blog for comments.
I blog for levity.
I blog for therapy.
The end.

I must say it again, as I said in 2007 and 2008 - thank you.
I am so thankful that when I write, you read.
Thank you.
And, thank you for sharing my blog with your friends.
Your comments and support truly mean so much to me.

For 'ole time's sake:
"Two pretzels were walking down the street... one was a salted."

And the first post, see here.

Some fun facts thanks to google analytics.

In the past year...
  • Two Pretzels has seen 42,173 visits from 6,652 unique visitors
  • Two Pretzels has had 64,971 page views
  • Average time on the blog: 2 minutes and 6 seconds (per visit)
  • 78% of you visit everyday
  • 77% of you are PC users and 22% of you are Mac users
  • The majority of readers are Buckeyes!
  • 34% of you visit Two Pretzels directly, just by typing in twopretzels.com in your browser.
  • The post during the past year that people read/visited the most: our big news. (Aw. Thank you.)
I'll say it again...
...Thank you.

In celebration I shall have a champagne flute filled with non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice.
What a difference a year makes...



  1. I'm smiling :) Things HAVE become so different.

    Happy Blogday.

    (Word verification called me a name tonight. you would not approve.... :"upusi"



    Love Chloe and T

  3. Your blog truly means so much to me and feeling like I can be in touch and keep "track"of you and all the goings on. Being able to have a smile and laugh and send a little comment are incredibly therapuetic!!!!! You have no idea how very much I always look forward to checking in!!! I love you and your blog! :)

    Wow- AthenaBee, how offensive! :)

  4. Congrats!!!!

    Keep doing what you do best.

    Love ya

  5. Happy Blog Birthday!!

    I am SO happy you started blogging as you are witty and clever and totally have a knack for blogging! And I love how we have all met new and wonderful people through your blog!

    Birthday Blog HUG!

  6. I love blogging too! I'm so glad you do it too! It's great to have a community behind you, even if you don't know them in person! :)

    Keep it going girl!


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