Book Review: Change of Heart

5/23/2009 08:34:00 AM
Author: Jodi Picoult

I can sum it up right here, right now: I wanted to love it, I really did. I just didn't.

'Twas about the death penalty, the relationship that develops between a death-row inmate, his lawyer and a priest, and of course, the victim's family. Throw in a bit of supernatural skills and there you have it.

I'm not really a John Grisham fan (I know. Gasp.) and get bored easilly with the minutia of fictional court cases - so this really wasn't the book for me. However, if you're detail-oriented (like all of your resumes should say you are) - you'll like this one.

Not a BAD read - in fact, I've spoken with several people who loved this book.

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