American Idol: Eh, I no longer care.

5/14/2009 08:44:00 AM
I'm not happy that Danny Gokey got sent home.
I'll tell you why:

Kris Allen has mediocre talent. (I'm sorry. It's true.)
Adam Lambert can sing... I'm just not a fan.


However: I think that Danny will do better if he's not under American Idol's thumb.


  1. I feel the same way. I could care less who wins now. I would NEVER buy either one of their cd's. I think Danny would thrive as a christian artist! So good luck to Danny, Goodbye American Idol until next season.

  2. I quit watching American Idol part way through the season because I was tired of the judges swooning over Adam. I liked Danny a lot and I like Kris, but I kinda hope he loses too. I think he'll do better if he does like you said.

    I really doubt I'll watch next year. I think my AI days are over.

  3. i haven't watched all season...but know what's going on thanks to Entertainment Weekly -- they had a COVER STORY on Adam last week...before they even knew he'd be in the finals! obnoxious, really.

    that being said, i'd like to see him win (sorry Kylee!)...i have liked what little bits i've heard of his performances.

    i'll start watching idol again if/when they fire the current judges and hire new "talent". :)


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