Um. Totally great advice.
(And I still claim Fargo to be one of the best movies EVER.)

I appreciate William H. Macy's advice to all the married couples with kids out there. I got this from the CelebrityBabyBlog. (Yes. I read it Don't hate on me.)

Read on:

As one of the rare success stories in Hollywood, actors William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman know a thing or two about how to make a marriage work. Tops on their list? Keeping their relationship a priority after the birth of their two daughters Sofia Grace, 8 ½, and Georgia Grace, 7. “When my pals have kids, I look at them and say ‘Look, these kids are almost bullet-proof. They can take anything, but I tell you what’s on the critical list: your relationship with your wife,’” Bill explains to OK! “So the first thing you’d better do is make a date as soon as that baby comes.”

“You’d better make a date and take your wife out within a month – whether you want to, or not – and you can’t talk about the kid. And you’d better have a romantic weekend within two months because it tears couples apart, these babies do. “

Adding that he and Felicity “have been really good about finding time” for each other, Bill says that the couple enjoy quick one and two-day getaways “four, five, six times a year."


  1. Great advice and Oh so true. ;)

  2. Though I don't have kids I totally agree with this. I have seen friends have kids and just forget about putting the same time & effort into their marriage as they do with their kids.

  3. not to be debbie downer here...but i think that the reality is this doesn't happen that often (or as often as it should).

    the last time my husband and i had a date night? clue. maybe for our anniversary last october when we went out to dinner.

    it's easy to say "oh we are going to have 'us' time" but the reality's difficult to do. budget constraints, baby sitter issues, and just a general exhaustion when you have 2 kids makes 'romance' sort of fall off the radar.

    and a few weekend get aways a year? HA. as if.


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