Produce Report:
The third week of the Squash

4/27/2009 04:00:00 AM
I am 31 weeks pregnant. What does this mean? Let me break it down for you: I am going to be a mommy in approximately 9 weeks.


Let's dig right in.

Q. How's Lila doing this week?
A. From what I've heard from her, she's great. Apparently she weighs approximately 3.5 lbs. and is settling into the "birthing" position. (Head first.) (I know, I know... more than likely that's too much information. I feel the same way and it's my body and my baby.)

Q. Is she still moving around a bunch?
A. The answer to this question is YES! And, I still adore it. The more movement, the better. Active = healthy. At least to me. I have noticed that my little squash is starting to enjoy chillin' in the vicinity of my ribs. She's clearly just trying to make her presence known.

Q. How am I feeling?
A. Still quite good! I'd like to think that I was an absolute trooper during our trip to Ohio last week. (Craig?) I am noticing that moving around is getting harder and I'm a bit more tired than I was, say six weeks ago. But still, I feel great. And water-retentive. (I have sausage fingers. Seriously, Bob Evans sausage link fingers.)

Q. Are you still sleeping on your back?
A. Yep.

Q. Do you feel guilty about it?
A. Nope.

Q. How is your weight gain?
A. Slow and steady. :)

Q. Do you want to tell us how much you weigh?
A. Sure. I'll tell you exactly how much I weigh if you tell me how much you weigh. (Hee hee). But I will tell you that I've gained a solid 24 lbs. Yep. I'm serious. (Yes, I know. Some people gain 25 lbs throughout the entire duration of their pregnancy. I feel that those people are fictional.)

Q. So, how often are you eating?
A. I'm not kidding - I'm hungry literally ever 2-3 hours. No joke. (Chances are that whilst you're reading this, I'm eating.)

Q. How did the maternity shopping go in Ohio?
A. TERRIBLE. Those clothes are horrendous. I don't care what ANYONE says - they're ugly. There ARE exceptions, but for the most part they're terrible. I was quite successful just buying dresses up a size.

(As far as I'm concerned, all pregnant women need the following items in order to dress for moderate comfort: a hair tie/rubber band (to extend your button on your jeans for as long as possible), a bella band, bra extenders and those super-tight camis. Preferably in a silky material--they smooth you out.)

Q. How are you feeling about this whole impending birth?
A. I'm anxious. It's getting more real. After our showers, C. and I were looking at all of the items that we were showered with and we felt a.) incredibly loved and b.) like, "Oh-my-gosh-there's-no-turning-back." This is the real deal.

The next time we go back to Ohio, we'll be parents.


We're going to be someone's parents.

Q. Have you finished any crochet projects lately?
A. Yep. Remember how I have a slight fear regarding the potential pointy-ness of Lila's head? Well, I crocheted her a gnome hat that will totally hide that. Just being proactive. :)

Here's me at one of my shower's last week.

Just one of the ADORABLE outfits/gifts Lila got.
(This one's from Patt.)

And Lila's cute shower cake.

But how funny is that? LOVE the cakewrecks blog.
Here's her real cake.

And, here's my belly as of Saturday. (I'm waiting for my belly button to pop. Still nothing -- yet C. bets that by week 35 it will.)
I'm huge. But there IS a baby in there.

Note: This is with NO makeup after pancakes for breakfast. :) I'm only posting it so you can see the proportion and the "squash" I'm dealing with.

Here's me clothed, later that same day. Those are maternity shorts. (Target.)

Ok, I think that's all!
More stuff next week.


  1. I love it. Those Target shorts are cute. It's tough, but Target totally came through for me. And by the time you're so big you must wear maternity shirts you'll be too hot anyway and just wearing your bikini to work.

    When it dawned on me that Louis and I would be in charge of a PERSON I was like, "Oh my gosh! Who said this was OK???"

  2. Most stylish mama out there! I LOVE tight shirts on pregnant women, but I hated wearing tight shirts. They were so uncomfortable for me. Which is most unfortunate because they look awesome. Love the belly.

  3. you are seriously one of the most beautiful pregnant women i've seen. lila has one hot mama! :)

  4. YAY, it is so close now!! So exciting :) Um, that gnome hat is SO cute and I think it will look adorable on Lila, cone head or not!

  5. AthenaBee - Thanks for the shout out to my target shorts. Which I had to roll up, because I still gots the ghetto in me. :)

    Quiet Oasis - I agree wholeheartedly. The tighter the shirt, the more I like it. :) I'm not a big fan of the tents.

    Abbe - will you marry me? C. and I aren't written in stone.

    W.K. - I KNEW you'd like that gnome hat. I think I want one for myself. :) Let me know if you need one, too. ;)


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