Produce Report:
It's the second week-o-the squash

4/20/2009 03:00:00 AM

I'm currently in Ohio right now and I hate to say it, but my produce report for the week will be quite short. It has been b.u.s.y.

I shall write more upon my return. Expect next week's update to be better than this week's.
I am 30 weeks pregnant.

Q. How are you feeling?
A. GREAT! I'm a titch slower than I've ever been, but I'm feeling good. Putting on non-slip-on shoes is an adventure. A slow, turtle-like adventure.

Q. Are you getting bigger?
A. YES. By the minute.

Q. Do you mind?
A. At this point? No.

Q. How were your baby showers?
A. Fantastic and lovely and wonderful and so enjoyable. I'd like to say that the thoughtfulness of my friends and family has astounded me and actually made me tear up when I sat down and reflected.

And, I'd also like to note that the baby-shower-thing was so much more stress-free than the wedding-shower experience. I mean, what do you prefer to "ooh and ahh" over? A new toaster or a cute baby dress?

Q. How has the visit to Ohio been?
A. WONDERFUL. You know, this is the first time we've been to Ohio and everyone KNEW that we were pregnant. (We were still keeping it hush-hush when we were back here in October.) It's been so much fun to be excited with others. Who feels the love? We do.

Q. What has surprisingly been great?
A. All the belly-touching. You know what? Something shifted. I'm proud of my belly. I have *loved* having my friends and family touch what may be La-La-La-Lila's head or rear end. ;) I love seeing the eyebrows raise and the smile form when she kicks for them.

Q. Is Lila moving all around?
A. YES. And I love it. Quite a lot.

Q. Overall, how are things?
A. Excited. Ready. I am so excited to meet our daughter.

'Tis been a long time coming... a long time coming.

Until next week...


  1. YAY! It was so fun to see you this weekend!

    Hope the rest of your trip is nice and helps you get even more prepared for Lila.

  2. Loved seeing you - You are lovely in person!

  3. I cannot begin to tell you how very much I loved seeing you, Craig and Ferg- I am pretty sure it was obvious how much my kids lved seeing you and Ferg (especially Grant! ahh he is on love! :) ) you look amazing and it makes me feel so good to see how you are doing! I soooo hope to catch you guys before you leave! lvoe you ! Mickey

  4. sorry for the grammar and misspellings!


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