Produce Report: And for the entire month....
She's a Squash

4/13/2009 04:00:00 AM

And, welcome to week 29! This is my FINAL week in the 20's. (And my final 4 months, incidentally.) It's flown by.

I feel like the "teen" weeks of pregnancy are fun. You're starting to show... you feel the first flutters... you're feeling better after the first trimester doldrums...

Then, the 20's are cool, too. By this time you know the gender, you're bonding more, you're shopping, you're preparing. Your boobs don't kill anymore... It seems much more real.

The 30's are somewhat intimidating. They mean that ANYTIME after 37 weeks, your baby is considered "full term" and can just "appear". Legally. And be ok.

THAT is terrifying.

So, let's dig in.

Q. What is Lila up to this week?
A. Well, she's maturing and packing on the pounds. I have a feeling I'm going to birth a Reese's peanut butter cup Easter egg given how many I have enjoyed inhaled in the past 10 or so days...

Q. How was your Dr.'s appointment/ultrasound last week?
A. Um. Fantastic! I love seeing Lila's heart beat and seeing her move around. She's definitely growing.

In the beginning we could see the whole squash on ultrasounds, now we just see various parts of her cuerpo (body). And, all of those parts appear to be perfect.

  • She's healthy.
  • She's got chubby cheeks.
  • She weighs approximately 2 lbs and 12 oz. (These ultrasounds have quite a significant margin of error in the weight department - so that's approximate. Unfortunately, my scale does not.)
  • The dr. swears she has my nose but aside from that she will look like C. (It will be fun to see if he's right.)
  • There is absolutely zero indication that she has any hair. (Does hair even show up on ultrasounds?)
  • My weight-gain is on par.
  • I continue to have a non-eventful, healthy pregnancy. (THANK YOU, God.)
  • We go back in 3 weeks, then we start the every 2-week visits. (CRA-ZAY.)
Here are some pics of the squash's face. Can you see La, La, La, Lila's eyes? Nose?

Note: I told my Dr. about my fears of hemorrhaging and of the actual insertion of the epidural. He explained that Fear A. will pretty much, more than likely not happen. And Fear B. will be fine because the anesthesiologist here in Cabo is actually fantastic and yadda, yadda. I did feel better after I talked to him. I really like my doctor. Here in Mexico you meet with your OB for an HOUR at each visit. He literally says, "Ok...what are your questions?" Love that.)

Q. So, how are you feeling?

A. Honestly, very good. I'm a forgetful person by nature, but it seems to have increased a titch.

Case in point: This past week I took a shower and washed my hair. (I am not a daily hairwasher). I then conditioned my hair whilst in said shower.

I then got out of the shower, put my hair in a bun on the top of my head (sexy) and went to bed.

I then woke up, unrolled the bun to blow-dry the hair and realized halfway through drying my hair that I clearly had not rinsed out the conditioner.

Tip off?

My greasy hair/schmutzy-feeling fingers.

It was gross.

Aside from that, I'm feeling "pressure." I told C. a couple of days ago that for some reason I didn't think a baby would slow me down at all - but she kind of is. That added weight, not to mention the "squash" resting in my lower abdomen makes it difficult to move desks and furniture. (Yes, I attempted to do that this past week at work. Yes, my sister told me to stop. Now. It's hard. It's my nature to be a busy-body.)

Q. Do you like being pregnant?
A. Yes, 3/4 of the time I truly do. I love having Lila with me all the time. And at this point, I love feeling her move.

Everyone says, "That won't last for long - before you know it, she'll be jabbing you in the ribs like Diego Sanchez." (A UFC fighter. Thank you, C.) But for now, dance and move away my Lila Baby. At least this way I know she's ok.

And I've found that pregnant women really don't need one more thing to worry about.

Q. How's the eating going?
A. Solid. I'm a solid eater. I will tell you, though - that my body is less able to eat the vast quantities it could earlier on in my pregnancy.

It's just not comfortable. There's less room in the 'ole abdomen, I believe.

Take Saturday for instance. I only ate HALF of my cheeseburger for dinner. (Yes, I did have second dinner... but at that initial sitting, only half of my gourmet main course.) What?! Say, 10 weeks ago I would have eaten the first cheeseburger and wanted a second.

Q. So, how are you dealing with the "secrets of pregnancy"?
A. In the following ways:
  • I've been waiting for my belly button to "pop" out. It still hasn't.
  • I've been waiting for that dark line (linea negra) to appear on my lower abdomen. It really hasn't.
  • I've been waiting to stop peeing every 35 minutes. I still do.
  • I still get up at least 2-3 times in the middle of the night (to pee). This has been consistent throughout my entire pregnancy. I've come to the conclusion that it's preparing me for Lila's sleep schedule.
  • I still haven't experienced any overwhelming cravings. (How boring am I?)
Q. What's the best part about being pregnant? Physically?
A. Um. How shall we say, a "larger up-top." Definitely.

Q. How's the weight gain?
A. I'm holding steady at an acceptable 20 lbs. I'm certain that will increase hugely. I'm betting that I'll gain a total of 30 lbs. Craig says 35. We shall see. ;)

I don't want to disappoint him...

Ok, here's me sometime last week. Of course, I was on my way to the Grocery Store.
Here is my niece Chloe, my [very big] belly, and I yesterday on Easter. Yes, that's Chloe's phone in her hand. (She's very small. My stomach is like 5 times bigger than her head.)
Have a great week!


  1. CUTE cute cute! You are very cute.

    I can't believe you don't crave anything weird.

    Chloe is a doll.
    I am also very glad that your doc takes a long time with you to answer all your questions. That's awesome.

  2. ok..first i am going to 'yell' at you...STOP MOVING FURNITURE!!!! geesh girl...are you nuts? :) look adorable.

    oh, and the forgetfulness..yeah it nevers goes away. it actually increases with each kid and then one day you, what was i going to tell you...??


    [my word verification: resses...sort of like reese's, right?]

  3. your boobs look great.

    chloe is so little and cute.

    where did you get that adorable dress?


  4. Your blog is hilarious! You look great! Our babies will be here soon!

  5. Dress - Old Navy. Non maternity. Maybe $20?

    Sal - thanks for the boob compliment. :)

  6. You look very pretty in your Easter outfit.

  7. the Easter outfit accentuates your up top area and your increasingly/sizable belly! i hope that Lila comes out liking Reese's eggs (not right away, i don't think that's allowed).

  8. How nice that your doctor encourages the questions and time in his office for you all to talk about concerns, that is great. And with the forgetfulness, well at least your hair should have been REALLY soft!

    P.S. you look fantastic!

  9. You are one super cute preggers girl!


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