Pregnancy & unfair threats.

4/28/2009 09:13:00 AM
Actual conversation between the husband and I as we were lying in bed last night:

Me to C.: "My feet hurt. Please rub my feet."

Him: Approximately 30 seconds of silence.

Me: More sternly, "Please rub my feet."

Him: "Feet are gross. You even think feet are gross."

Me: "My feet are clean! I just got out of the shower. And I'm pregnant and my feet hurt. And I can't reach them. Other husbands rub their pregnant wives' feet. PLEASE.RUB.THEM."


More Silence.

Me: "Ok. Fine. I'm going to write all about you on my blog."


Who says you can't reason with a pregnant woman?


  1. Doesn't he realize all the bodily pain and soreness you go through? If he's reading this, he should feel very guilty for not rubbing your feet. Its the least he could do for you carrying his child for 9 months. I'm just sayin.... :) (I usually ask my husband to rub my feet about 4 times per week!)

  2. Don't worry, the guilty foot-hurting/backrub trick doesn't work for me either. I keep trying this move.. "but OTHER husbands give their pregnant wives backrubs and do everything for them." He doesn't believe me. Oh well.

  3. I am surprised by his reaction for the following reason: he even admits in the conversation that you think feet are gross. Now, why would a person, who things feet are gross, want her own feet rubbed unless they were in dire need of said rub?! This, I think, shows the amount of attention that they need.

  4. Way to stay strong C! They always try to pull the "it is the least you could do for me carrying your child for nine months" Stay strong!

  5. Did you tell him that even Louis did it DAILY???? It could be because of the complications I had... or because he can use it as a bargaining tool for more babies... along with buffet restaurants.

  6. P.S. Tell him you may or may not use his toothbrush if he continues to refuse.

  7. OH! That toothbrush comment, Nadja, was disgusting.

    I'm totally okay with feet but sharing a toothbrush pushes me way into, "no.she.did.not.just.say.that" mode.

    Shudder and cringe.

  8. I will not rub feet.

    I have offered to purchase any apparatus to help aid in the health of the "alleged feet"or have "people" come to the house to rub them for her.

    I will say SHE declined the multiple offers.

    As for the toothbrush.... that is so far off limits that I have added it to the prenup.

    Just the other night Ky was getting me a new toothbrush out of it's box and I happened to mention that it had a tongue brush on the back of the brushing head. She proceeded to "test it out" on her own tongue. Needless to say I will never use that toothbrush and required a new one.

  9. HAHA! C. your response was awesome! K., I am sorry you didn't get a foot rub :(

    Now what is she wore socks or put a blanket over her feet? That way you are avoiding direct foot to hand contact but she is getting a nice foot rub and everyone is happy!


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